Do Resistance Bands Strength Workouts Really Work?

Resistance bands are actually easy-to-use equipment for home workouts.

If you know the proper form and techniques, it can bring the excellent fitness result you wanted.

It is a perfect choice and works for almost all parts of our body efficiently through the elastic force created by the resistance.

Some people are curious if the resistance bands’ strength workouts really work?

We’ll dig in a little more.

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Do Resistance Bands Better Than Free Weights For Strength Workout?

So the bands or the weights?

The resistance bands are more versatile here.

You don’t need gravity to create the resistance compared to using free weights, for example, with a dumbbell.

Tension or force is all you need with a resistance band when a force is created from stretching the band to the maximum at full extension in your direction. It can be a vertical, horizon, or any direction or angle that you want to work on.

Using a dumbbell for a chest workout, for example, you cannot stand and work out on your chest as the gravity will push the weight down. Highly impossible and too risky for injury. You need to lie down on the floor or a bench to push up the weight.

With a resistance band, you can lie down on a bench or just in a standing position to stretch the band easily to any direction, without worrying about the force of gravity towards the down direction.

Plus, the resistance bands often come with different stretch resistance levels and you can slowly build up your strength in any direction, horizontally or vertically.

Imagine if you use a different set of free weights workouts for the same purpose? Not cool to me!

However, if your goal is to build more strength and muscles, then definitely you’ll need the free weights, although the risk is much higher, especially for beginners.

If you just need to be fit rather than be more muscular, then go for the resistance bands as they won’t give you that much heavy challenge you need to build more muscles.

What Are The Pros and Cons Between Resistance Bands And Free Weights?

In terms of the cost, the resistance bands are much cheaper than the weights. You can find a full set of resistance bands for home workouts at Amazon, Target, or Walmart stores.

The resistance bands are so portable and light, and convenient to bring with you whenever you are traveling. You won’t even think of carrying the free weights with you while traveling especially on a plane unless you are willing to fork out more for paying for excess luggage weight lol!

Again, the resistance bands are very versatile pieces of fitness equipment. You can literally work out in any angle or direction you want through the stretching resistance compared to free weights.

Space-wise, it is ideal having resistance bands as it just doesn’t need a lot of space. Just hang it behind your door or leave it under your bed after a workout. Free weights like dumbbells are heavy and bulky and take quite a space inside your home.

A resistance band is also very useful for those who have recently recovered from injury and wish to recover or recondition their strength.

It could be quite a different experience and a lot safer with a resistance band compared to free weights for beginners to start. They can add the resistance band to challenge their strength until the muscles are exhausted safely.

Working out for building muscles with resistance bands is also good for newbies to get experience and be comfortable with using the free weights later.


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How Effective Is It To Use Resistance Bands For Workouts?

They are highly universal and work as multi-taskers.

You can work it on your body such as the chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, and even legs. However, I find it a bit challenging to train on the legs, chest, and triceps, although it is still working well.

This piece of equipment helps to train and tone your full body by creating forces using your own body weight. Working out using the resistance band is able to create great metabolism forces and strength mass.

What Are The Most Effective Workouts Using Resistance Bands? 

There are plenty of workout forms for you to choose from.

Every individual has their own preference and fitness goals.

Choose the one that you enjoy and is comfortable for training your body and gaining strength.

Some of the favorite choices for building some muscles with the bands are Romanian deadlift, standing chest press, overhead press for shoulders, triceps overhead extension, biceps curls, and lat pulldown for the back.

You can start with 6 to 8 reps per set for 3 rounds if you are just starting and depending on your fitness levels, and gradually increase the reps from there.

Can You Build Muscle With Resistance Band Workouts? 

Yes, you can but take note, it is going to be just a lean and toned body, not many muscles as compared to weight lifting or machines.

The levels of force created by stretching different band resistance levels, train the muscles to grow, adapt and recover. We know that for building muscles goal, the best workout should be the bodyweight workout type. But, including the resistance bands here will help to speed up the muscle growth.

How many sets and reps that I need to build muscles with resistance bands?

I think it depends on the resistance level created by the band. If the force is low and doesn’t give the muscles that hard workout, then you can increase the reps.

Working out with resistance bands also has to look into your fitness goals. If your aim is to build muscles, again, you may need the free weights workout more or combine both the free weights and the bands together.

Ideally, start with 6 to 8 reps each set (3 sets is fine). Let the muscles slowly getting adapt and train properly. Then you can increase the reps more once you have stable and enough strength. However, the muscles built here will be minimal unless you are being creative by adding some weight forms together.

Can you do only 20 – 30 minutes daily of resistance band workouts to build muscles?

Not really but is possible if you do it more effectively. Consistency, persistence, and full determination are required here.

It is better to combine your workout routine together with other forms for better results. As mentioned earlier, if your goal is to build muscles, then combining with free weights workouts is ideal in long term.

Just the resistance levels from stretching the bands won’t give you that heavy challenge to be more muscular.

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Can You Lift Heavy Duty Resistance Bands For Muscle Build?

It can be but depends on how heavy the resistance band is!

The heavier the resistance, the better it is for serious muscle build but, how far is the resistance level of the band can go? I’m not so sure what is the maximum resistance band available in the market, the best that I’d known is 170lbs of resistance level.

Heavy-duty resistance bands (the black and purple resistance bands) are a great challenge to your strength and endurance if you don’t have any other gym equipment. You also need to be tough enough to withstand this resistance level.

Imagine pulling and stretching the heavy band does give you a great workout on the major muscle groups than the other lighter bands.

Ideally, you need a good full set of five bands as each band gives you a different resistance level to work with. If budget is a concern and you are a newbie, then going for a set of three bands is fine.

I have a set of five resistance bands and with the strength that I have now, I combined all the bands together to get the heavier resistance level that I want for my strength training.

Image photo: Three girls working out with resistance bands

My Conclusion: Do Resistance Bands Really Work For Strength Workouts

To my understanding. the resistance bands actually work and train the small muscles to support the big muscles to become bigger.

They are great workout tools to help build strength, endurance and also benefit you from injuring your joints or ligaments. The bands are also good for warm-up exercise before hitting your training.

Regardless of what workout you do is still a good workout.

As said before, you just need consistency, persistence, and full determination to achieve your fitness goals.

Try to make your own custom home workout through mix and match to see which is the best fitness resistance workout for your routine, and slowly go from there.

If you are unsure how to begin, get help from a personal trainer nearby you. The qualified and experienced one can tailor a good workout program based on your overall fitness level and goals.

Do leave me a comment below if you have and I will reply within 24 hours.

Have a fantastic and safe workout at home!


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