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TRX workout at home for beginners

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(This blog was first published on Apr 9, 2022, and last updated on Oct 26, 2022)

Does anyone ever try to work out using the TRX?

It stands for total-body resistance training, a very versatile and effective suspension trainer. The straps with handles are mounted from above the ceiling or on the door to do suspension training.

The TRX workout can be another full-body power home fitness regime training for balance, coordination, and flexibility.

What are the best TRX home workout routines for a beginner?

Keep on reading to find out.

Can You Get A Full Workout With TRX?

Yes, you can by using your own body weight and gravity to boost strength with the TRX bands.

TRX suspension training strengthens almost every muscle group. It is an excellent exercise to build muscles, and a stronger core, and is easy to modify even for beginners.

There are many variations of TRX suspension training you can do using the TRX straps which we will cover here.

Do TRX workouts help with weight loss?

Any type of workout can give you chances to lose weight, and this includes the TRX if you build consistency in the training routine.

Strategize your training routine more efficiently. On top of that, you also need to watch out for your diet too, crucial to get the maximum result you want.

TRX suspension training if done correctly does challenge your entire body in many different movements to help get a toner and leaner body, and leveraging that metabolism effect too!

How many calories can you burn in TRX training?

Depending on the duration of the workout, strenuous activity such the TRX training, on average a person weighing about 160 pounds can burn,

133 calories for 15 minutes workout

268 calories for 30 minutes workout

535 calories for 60 minutes workout

1060 calories for 120 minutes workout

Noting that the number of calories burnt can vary with many other factors such as age, gender, genetics, muscle mass, and height. Please speak with a healthcare expert for further guidelines.

How Much Space or Room Needed For TRX Workout?

In general, you don’t need such a big and full room for your TRX training routine.

Fitness experts suggested an average space of 8 feet long x 6 feet wide is considered perfect.

You should also think of these few guidelines to determine the space needed in your home,

1. How much time do you plan to do TRX workout a session? For a newbie, perhaps 2 to 3 good TRX sessions a week is fine.

2. If your TRX bands are mounted on the ceiling, the anchor point must be strong enough to support your body weight.

3. The height of the anchor point on the ceiling is suggested between 7 – 9 feet off the ground.

Which one is better for TRX mounting? On the wall or the ceiling?

With the anchor point mounted in the center ceiling of the room, you can have the full 360′ degrees to work with the TRX bands.

On the other hand, if mounting the TRX bands on the wall or a door frame, I bet you will have a limited range of movement in your every workout area. You can still be working out but you may be constantly trying to find the best position for each plane of motion!

So, I would say TRX mounting on the ceiling is better.

Best Full Body TRX Home Workout Routines

If you are a beginner, kick start a few easy-to-learn TRX suspension training home workout routines.

Imagine just using your own body weight as resistance and gravity to start losing weight or building muscles. I won’t be explaining the steps in detail but keep watching the short video tutorial on each form shown here.

Try to complete any of these variations in 3 sets with 10 reps each.

1. TRX Plank is the first variation to begin and build a stronger and more stable core. This is important to ensure safety and success for all other workouts. Catch this short TRX video tutorial.

2. Unlike other conventional fitness training (such as push-ups or squats) which concentrated on both arms and legs at one time, TRX single arm row targeted each arm and leg separately at one time. Watch this quick TRX video tutorial.

3. Like any other squat exercise, TRX squat works great in improving your hips’ mobility and squatting movement. Take a look at this quick TRX video tutorial.

4. Personally, I like to do TRX low row for building back muscles and to get a proper posture. You can also easily adjust the intensity by moving your feet towards the anchor point or backward. Here is the short clip TRX video tutorial.

5. TRX chest press is also one of my favorite TRX chest workouts. This form not only teaches you to push with the correct alignment but in shaping a stronger core and spine too. Look out for this TRX video tutorial.

6. TRX biceps curl not only will engage your biceps but also your entire body. The intensity level is adjusted by just moving your feet upward and backward. Watch this quick TRX video tutorial.

7. Like any other hamstring exercise, the TRX hamstring curl workout builds strength in your knee joint, vital for your daily physical activities. Check out this quick TRX video tutorial.

How Long Can It Take To Get Results From TRX?

This is depending on every trainer’s fitness level when they first started the training. Some trainers may experience good results in about 4 weeks after first starting, provided they keep the consistency of their sessions (2 – 3 sessions a week).

In the beginning, the first few days after starting TRX training, your body begins feeling the movements after completing some basic stretching exercises to build your core stability.

You can then leverage harder movements in the training such as push-ups which we all know require good accuracy and precision. But don’t be surprised, by then you may already master the strong plank position even before you go into push-ups!

Can You Do TRX Workout Everyday?

A good TRX session between 2 to 3 times a week is good enough to begin for newbies.

Just so you know, a TRX workout doesn’t need plenty of time. A daily session can last 15 – 30 minutes depending on your fitness goals. This suspension trainer can certainly help you to work on your entire body parts efficiently.

And, combined with a healthy diet, they give you good chances to lose weight up to 40% more than just doing cardio exercises.

Which One Is Better – TRX Or Weights?

Let’s find out more about which one is better than the other.

Working out with TRX bands targeting major muscle groups at one time. This is why it is called a total-body workout. TRX allows your body to adjust in many angles to complete all exercises at one time!

If you are looking into specific targeted muscle groups, weight lifting such as with dumbbells is a good choice because weights exercise only targets specific muscles at a time.

Besides, we all know, that dumbbells work lesser on core strengthening compared to TRX bands(1).

Honestly, none of them outweighs the other. Both are working great in their own way on different parts of your body.

Is TRX cardio or strength training?

TRX workout effectively in building overall strength and endurance. It helps you to build greater strength that gives you positive effects on your daily life or sports performance.

The good news is that TRX is also considered a cardio workout because we simply have our heart pounding during a workout session with its bands.

So, I would say a TRX workout is both cardio and strength training.

Do you agree, why or why not?

Full Body TRX Home Workout Routines

My Overall Thoughts: Best Full Body TRX Home Workout Routines

TRX workout is indeed a total-body exercise leveraging your own body as resistance.

Every movement of this workout helps you to burn calories, build muscles and gain strength more effectively compared to other conventional fitness training.

This type of training is for everyone, doesn’t matter what is your fitness level. TRX workout increases your exercise intensity even with just slight changes to your body position.

It offers you a whole range of movement, challenges your muscles, and you can train your body wherever you want!

Do leave me a comment below if you have and I will be back within 24 hours.

To your other Home Exercise success!


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