Best Healthy Keto Egg Salad Recipe – How To Make?

How about a quick healthy keto diet today?

Good sources of proteins, a few carbs, and fiber.

This healthy keto egg salad recipe can serve to 4 people and be ready in 10 minutes!

Keto eggs salad recipe

What Are The Ingredients?

These are the ingredients with hard-boiled eggs being the main.

* 5 – 6 medium-sized hard-boiled eggs.

* Ground black pepper to taste.

* Half teaspoon of kosher salt.

* One tablespoon of yellow mustard (or Dijon mustard if you like).

* A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice (optional).

* Half cup of cooked bacon in bits (optional).

* A quarter cup of mashed fresh avocado.

* Half cup of low-fat mayonnaise.

How To Make It?

1. If you like to add the bacon bits, ensure to cook the bacon first and leave it aside to cool.

2. Cut and chop the boiled eggs (deshelled) into small pieces.

3. In a separate mixing bowl, gather all the ingredients and put the chopped boiled eggs into the bowl.

4. Mix it well with a spatula.

Tada!!!! It’s ready to serve.


* If you are vegan, replace the bacon with crunchy chopped fresh celery.

* Make sure you have the boiled eggs get cool before adding them to the mixture. Hot boiled eggs will spoil the mayo texture.

My Quick Health Nutrition Facts For This Recipe

There you go, another quick (#Ad)healthy Keto, gluten-free, and low-carb recipe.

Let’s find out more nutrition from this recipe that could benefit your health.

Kosher salt is very low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Mainly consist of sodium chloride.

One teaspoon of kosher salt contains about 1,120mg of Sodium. A (1.5g) of Kosher salt contains zero fats and calories, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamin D, and minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Iron)

Some potential health benefits are promoting healthy digestion, oral health, and reducing high blood pressure.

* Avocado. Absolutely cholesterol-free, gluten-free, high in fiber, and low in sodium.

Do you know that an average-size avocado consists of Protein (2.7g), Carbs (12g), Fiber (9.2g), Monounsaturated fat (21g), and Calories (227)?

* Yellow mustard. Do you know these strong and spicy flavor condiments are rich in Protein, Fiber, Vitamin C, and other minerals? Very good in helping digestion and enhancing the metabolism processes, an immune booster, preventing cholesterol and cancer (scientifically proven).

One teaspoon (6g) of yellow mustard gives you Carbs 0.6g, Calcium 3.78mg, Potassium 9mg, and Fiber 0.3g. For more data on nutrients, visit the USDA. 

Try making this delicious keto diet and enjoy it after a morning home workout!

If you have any questions, let me know in your comment below and I will be back within 24 hours.

Have An Awesome Exercise At Home!


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