BiOptimizers Review – Does This Supplement Really Work?

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your digestion and nutrient absorption, you may want to try a diet support supplement called Bioptimizers.

This product is designed to help your body break down food more efficiently and absorb more nutrients. In this Bioptimizers review, I will take a closer look at how this product works and whether it is right for you.

It is kind of interesting and I have decided to conduct more checks on it to find out if this supplement really works.

Keep on reading.BiOptimizers supplement products

Product name: BiOptimizers

Type of supplement: Dietary Support Supplement

Recommended dosage: As directed by the manufacturer

Mission: To discover, present, and share strategies backed by cutting-edge research that leads to healthy high performance.

Owners: Wade Lightheart (President) and Matt Gallant (CEO)

Price Plans: $29.00 – 75.00 per bottle

Official Website: (#Ad) 

An Overview Of The BiOptimizers Supplement

From simple friendships to business partners that have never stopped evolving since 2004. They first started selling fitness programs and organic plant-based proteins and the rest is history.

Their motto ‘If we can’t build the best product in that category, then forget it,‘ is to build the best All-in formulas, to help people optimize their health and digestion.

The company also claimed their ongoing research, testing, and upgrading of the formulas, plus working with 5 world-class formulators from Bosnia to China that are leading people to healthy high performance.

Its website also claimed that its formula supplements are backed and trusted by many professionals top health authorities, doctors, and health fitness leaders in the field. That’s kind of an accomplishment here.

How Do The BiOptimizers Work?

To become OPTIMIZED!

Optimum: Aesthetic Health and Performance

Its website clearly stated how to optimize your overall health performance with its nutritional dietary enhancement supplements.

These are:

1. Optimize your energy and brain – To fuel your brain the nutrients it needed to get ready for the peak state day.

2. Optimize your digestion – A complete set of digestive solutions for achieving your health goals.

3. Optimize your nutrients – The need for nutrients for every cell and organ in your body.

4. Optimize your fitness – More energy and nutrients for your body after hard workouts.

Defined as Optimum Health, the makers mentioned that their products are helping people to achieve their optimum state of well-being in the body, soul, and mind.

The BiOptimizers Main Products and Its Benefits

What are their main products here that are claimed to have helped thousands of people to achieve their optimum health?

1. (#Ad)Masszymes – Made of 100% plant-based with naturally derived best digestive system enzymes and proteases(1), (2) blend.

Masszymes help to maximize digestion and nutrient absorption. Relieves indigestion, bloating, gas and fatigue after meals. Improve exercise recovery and tissue remodeling which are essential for wound healing and rejuvenation.

2. (#Ad)p3-OM Probiotics – Newly patented prebiotic and probiotic mixture formula for maximum protein digestion and assimilation. 100% plant-based and lactose-free.

P3-OM contains this Lactobacillus Plantarum(3) which helps to eliminate the bad guys’ growth (such as the yeasts, bacteria, and viruses) in the gut, so the gut becomes stronger, less inflamed, and more efficient at digestion and nutrient absorption.

Support healthy immune function and, improve mental clarity and focus. Also helps with weight loss and gaining more healthy lean muscle.

3. HCL Breakthrough – Contains 100% plant-based betaine HCL and full-spectrum digestive enzymes (4), and (5) that help to promote healthy stomach acid levels.

It is also claimed to improve mineral, vitamin B12, and amino acid absorption, plus better digestion, gut movement, and detoxification.

4. Kapex – For fitness purposes, Kapex is a digestive enzyme(6) and also made of 100% plant-based formulation, designed to support fast loss, boosting energy levels and ketogenesis.

The maker claimed Kapex supplement can help to improve keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion plus increase energy and exercise performance.

They are also said to boost the AMPK (enzymes that promote energy production) in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%. Plus, it increases the ATP (energy) in the liver by 22% which is much better for detoxification.

5. (#Ad)Cognibiotics – Formulated by expert herbal Chinese scientists. Contains 17 nootropic and adaptogenic herbs(7) that help to boost cognitive function, mood, and stress resilience.

It is said to boost memory and maintain healthy brain function amidst stress. Helps against oxidative stress and improves blood flow in the brain.

6. (#Ad)Magnesium Breakthrough – Contains all the seven forms of the most important magnesium plus vitamin B6 for a healthy mind and neurological.

It is claimed to have the best magnesium supplements for better and faster sleep, reducing stress levels, boosting the immune system, healthier heartbeat, and stronger bones.

The maker did say that it is absolutely essential to have all seven magnesium for maximum optimum health.

Check out more information about Magnesium supplements for the NIH links:

1. Magnesium deficiency

2. Magnesium intake and status

3. Magnesium and health

4. Magnesium and healthful diets

5. References

Image graphic: BiOptimizers - Magnesium health benefits

What Are The Cautions & Recommendations To Follow?

So far, we have come to know the benefits of having the BiOptimizers supplements in our diets.

We should also know if there are any cautions and recommendations that we should be aware of.

It is suggested to follow a workout program to achieve a desired and positive result. Perhaps a home exercise routine such as the morning exercise will help too.

How about considering a slight change in your eating plan for a good outcome?

A diet consisting of high sugar may be harder to resist. For example, for those with diabetic problems, if you are taking BiOptimizers’ P3-OM Probiotics, there may be some side effects and new users may also be experiencing minor stomach upset.

I believe it is best that you consult with your nutritionist and healthcare expert before you decide to move further with it.

My Overall Conclusion On BiOptimizers Review

According to the two bosses, (#Ad), BiOptimizers were born from pain and passion.

It is truly an inspiring and motivating success from a humble beginning to a healthcare business that is empowering and helping humanity on its path to achieving Optimum Health – the whole body operates in perfect harmony and peace.

BiOptimizers supplement products

Importantly, I also did go to check on the customer’s reviews at Trustpilot and I would say it is pretty fair that out of 500 reviews, they did have at least 65% excellent remarks and a score of 4.2 stars.

Suitable also for vegans, as BiOptimizers’ nutritional supplements are tablets in veggie caps and are also cruelty-free. Also, all the products from BiOptimizers are FDA approved, GMP certified plus GOA manufacturing.

Another thing is that they do have a refund policy on the return or replacement of any product bought through their website within 365 days from the date of order.

Although they claimed that the products provided are 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with their products, you can ask for a 100% refund of the product purchase price (excluding the shipping and other handling charges).

Aren’t all these good to know too?

Make your own judgment after reading this article and again, don’t forget to consult with your doctor too.

I am not a qualified or professional health expert here, the above opinions are entirely based on my own studies on this product but it is good to know that there is an incredibly awesome dietary supplement out there on the shelves.

To ease more of your concerns on any dietary supplements, do check out this link from the FTC. It can give you more informed resources.

Leave me a comment if you have any, and I will reply within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to always exercise!


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