Exipure Review – This Herbal Weight Loss Pills Really Work?

Folks, my latest product review is this newly launched health product supplement called Exipure.

Exipure had just launched in the last quarter of 2021 and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback (or so they claimed) to date!

Hmmm, I wondered what is so special about these fat burner pills compared to many other health and weight loss supplements available all year round. They each claimed to be very different from the rest in this billions dollars industry.

Let’s find out if these herbal weight-loss pills really work.


Exipure pills dietary supplement

Product Name: Exipure – Weight Loss Pills

Health purpose: Target the root cause of the unexplained weight gain and how this ordinary human ‘brown fat tissue’ in your body help to shrink the stubborn fat away. Wow!!!

Creator: Jack Barrett

No. of pills per bottle: 30

Dosage:  One pill daily with a glass of water before a meal, preferably in the morning.

Side Effects: So far, NO major side effects are reported.

Official Website(#Ad)www.exipure.com

Current Prices

BASIC OFFER: $59.00 (30 Day supply) per bottle. Saving $140.00. You have to pay the shipping fee.

BEST VALUE OFFER$234.00 for 6 bottles for a 180 Day supply. Saving $960.00. FREE shipping + 2 Free bonuses.

POPULAR OFFER: $147.00 for 3 bottles for a 90 Day supply. Saving $450.00. NO free shipping + 2 Free bonuses.

The 2 FREE bonuses mentioned are:

1 Day kick-start detox e-book which gives users an overall insight on how to lose weight using diet supplements, safer ways to detox your body, and many guidelines about absorption to maximize ‘Exipure’ results.

Renew You is an e-book that talks about a person’s self-renewal guide, containing lots of tips and tricks on how to reduce stress, build up your confidence, etc while on your weight loss journey.


What Is Exipure For Weight Loss?

Unexplained weight gain is something to be taken seriously as to what causes it. Most likely this episode may lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart-related problems, diabetes, etc.

And, this is when Exipure appeared in the ever-challenging health and weight loss industry claimed with a very different whole new approach to supporting a healthy weight loss journey.

Exipure is a whole new weight loss pill with a formula that the maker claims uses 100% all-natural ingredients from eight different types of exotic plants and herbs. These plant-based ingredients are believed to leverage the ‘brown adipose tissue (BAT) in your body to kickstart the metabolism process.

Before reading further, let’s digest a bit of what is BAT Brown Adipose Tissue.

The maker of Exipure believed the root cause of all the excessive weight gain is related to low levels of BAT which helps in melting fat away and losing weight healthily.

Leveraging even a small amount of BAT, they claimed can increase calorie and energy levels in the body, thus becoming more powerful to trigger weight loss.

Some interesting scientific facts find are:

1. In a Physiological review published in 2004(1) suggested brown adipose tissue has the ability to transfer energy from food to heat. BAT leads to the combustion of fats and sugar (burning fat and calories in two prime angles) within the mitochondria.

2. One of Exipure core ingredient is holy basil (tulsi) help in weight loss management although on a smaller scale. A report(2) concluded with small evidence that suggested holy basil may lead to positive changes in overall body weight and mass.

3. The use of white Korean ginseng (Panax) in making Exipure pills does backed by research studies(3) conducted some time ago on the effect of gut microbiota and obesity. To your knowledge, the gut microbiota is an essential factor in weight management and ginseng has this anti-obese effect to counter losing weight.

4. Another vital ingredient of Exipure is Quercetin which has been proven(4) to be able to boost BAT in helping lose weight, and supporting healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

What Are The Health Benefits of the Exipure?

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) plays a crucial role not only in helping in weight loss but also in connecting to many other benefits to the body.

These 5 are health benefits associated with high BAT levels in the body,

1. Effective solution to fight obesity or overweight problems.

2. Controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

3. Protect and maintain the body’s temperature, especially in colder weather.

4. Restoring our bone health and bone density.

5. Improving insulin levels and, may help to reduce the risks of diabetes.

In order to ensure your body increases the BAT level to burn more calories and lose weight, besides taking supplements such as Exipure, you can also do regular workouts to maintain the body’s temperature.

Don’t forget to consume healthy food such as green tea, turmeric, and apples with peel on, (red wine, berries, cabbage, or spinach – all of which contains Resveratol compound helping to raise brown fat tissue).


Learn how Exipure triggers weight loss
Advertisement: Exipure – Herbal Weight Loss Pills

What Are The Key Ingredients of the Exipure?

There are a total of eight plant-based ingredients in making Exipure pills.

They have scientifically studied ingredients and claimed to have gone through clinical research that works effectively to increase low brown adipose tissue.

1. Panax ginseng (white Korean ginseng) is super effective in boosting BAT levels for weight loss, improving energy levels and immune systems, and reducing oxidative stress.

2. Quercetin is also a proven BAT booster ensuring losing weight more efficiently through effective metabolism.

Not only that, this compound has anti-aging properties ensuring your skin, cells, tissues, and muscles are rejuvenating every day for flawless and energetic skin texture.

3. Holy basil is another vital natural ingredient that supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If consumed regularly, it may help to reduce stress, improve the digestive system, and enhance the (#Ad)mind’s clarity.

4. Propolis acts with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties helping to fight off inflammation, heal wounds, support the immune system and help to grow healthy body cells.

5. Amur cork bark is a natural ingredient popularly known for its uses to fight weight loss and obesity, reduce bloating and improve gut health.

6. Kudzu has antioxidant properties vital to fighting inflammation and decreasing free radicals risk. This ingredient can help to reduce the risks of fever, cold, heart disease, and diabetes.

7. Perilla leaves in Exipure pills are used to support your brain health, and BAT levels, control cholesterol, and be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and even antidepressant.

8. Oleuropein also acts as a BAT booster in shrinking stubborn fat, particularly the belly-fat cells. It is also crucial in maintaining healthier arteries and cholesterol.

All and all, these 8 core ingredients in Exipure pills are responsible for raising the brown adipose tissue levels to achieve healthy weight loss.

How Does Exipure Work?

Experts always suggested in order to have a healthy weight loss success, you need to burn more calories than you can consume in a day. This is when your body will be in a calorie deficit.

It is somehow what Exipure is all about – raising up the brown adipose tissue and getting you a faster outcome by burning as much as 300 times more calories!

Exipure’s maker claimed the power of all its natural ingredients like the Panax ginseng, holy basil, and kudzu working together is what makes it unique to boost metabolism effectively once you started taking their pills.

As mentioned, Exipure pills boost the brown adipose tissue level naturally in the body to trigger a faster metabolic rate. This can also lead to other health benefits such as improving thyroid and brain functions, leveling up more energy, a healthy metabolism process, and enhancing lean muscle mass.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Taking Exipure?

Like any other so-called natural-made diet supplement on the market, as a consumer, it is always to be on the safe side to know if there are any side effects before considering to start taking it.

Let’s see what are the positive effects of Exipure diet pills (as claimed).

1. It is 100% vegetarian and NON-GMO.

2. US GMP certified.

3. All the ingredients are claimed made of PURE exotic natural plants, safe to consume, and backed by scientific research.

4. NO artificial synthesis or chemical compounds are used.

5. Fully manufactured in a US FDA-approved facility.

6. Allowing users to see faster results in a few weeks – ‘fast-acting’ pills.

7. Offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

8. Sold exclusively online ONLY through its official website: (#Ad)www.exipure.com.

How about the drawbacks?

As its popularity and demands grow, beware that there are many fake websites offering the fraudulent version of Exipure which caused much confusion and complaints among users.

You may try to contact them through the following:

*Email: contact@Exipure.com.

*US Cellphone: 1-800-390-6035.

*International Cellphone: 1-208-345-4245.

This weight loss product has become so popular in late 2021 that cheap counterfeits that have not been tested for their quality may have big negative side effects on the human body.

If users have allergic reactions to the ingredients in the formula, are on medication, are pregnant women, or are underage groups (below 18 years old), it is strongly advised to consult their healthcare experts.

Another non-major pitfall – NO FREE shipping if you just order 1 – 3 bottles.

Like most other dietary supplements in the market, this product has not been approved by the US FDA, although is manufactured under the FDA license facility. You know, scientific analysis takes time and is very expensive to verify if their claims are real!

Besides, there is limited evidence to support its claims of helping reduce weight without dieting or exercising, how their natural blends can boost the BAT levels, and for faster weight loss results in just a few short weeks!

What Outcomes Can You Expect When Using Exipure? 

According to the maker, users can expect results within a short period of time with an average of 30 – 35 pounds lost!

They are recommending users take one pill a day, 30 minutes before a meal for at least 3 months.

Exipure users claimed that they are experiencing less craving for food and reducing their appetite tremendously. This is even great for them to lose weight and reach their weight loss goals.

It also explained why some users are encouraged to continue consuming the Exipure after reaching their goals in order to successfully control their current weight.

My Overall Verdicts: Exipure Review – This Herbal Weight Loss Pill Really Work?

Exipure weight loss pills work in three unique different ways – fat shrinkers, energy boosters, and BAT enhancers. At the moment, there aren’t any weight loss products like Exipure on the market.

Like any other health and weight loss supplement such as Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic which uses 100% exotic plant ingredients, most people may agree that herbal supplement is safer and more effective to consume than other conventional supplements in terms of weight loss journey.

Herbal pills Exipure have a combination of a total of 8 exotic plant ingredients which some users claim are essential in helping them to achieve greater and healthier weight loss. Some also claimed within 2 months after starting their journey with Exipure, they can slowly feel some changes inside their bodies!

Anyway, not being biased, I think you better take a read also about Exipure customers’ reviews through Trustpilot.

Oh man, I’m not sure how accurate are these reviews, their experiences can be real or somehow the other way. Or maybe some users are having too high expectations of seeing super-fast results?

You’ll be the judge here if you like to give it a try by taking advantage of the 180-day guarantee of a full refund policy of your money! You know, we all are humans, always tempted by all these features, lol.

To further ease your concerns about dietary supplements, do check out this link from the FTC. It can give you more informed resources.

As always, I recommend that continuing exercising at home with consistency and a good healthy diet program is vital in achieving your weight loss goals.

Leave me a comment below if you have and I will speed back within 24 hours.

To your home fitness success always!


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