7 Tips To Follow If You Need More Energy Naturally

image photo: a man is expressing his tiredness due to low energy levels

Are your on-the-go lifestyle is getting more and more hectic these days?

Feeling exhausted and stressed easily due to overworking or personal matters?

You are feeling your energy level is dropping to the lowest point. Did you ever try to find out the causes of it?

What are the 7 tips to follow if you need more energy naturally? What home remedies do fight fatigue and low energy in you?

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What Can Cause You To Have Low Energy?

Why are we having such a lack of energy level, and feeling fatigued frequently?

The common causes making you feel extremely tired are probably related to your current lifestyle.

1(a). Lack of high-quality sleep is the most common cause of low energy levels. Do you know an average adult needs around 7 – 8 hours of sleeping time nightly? This is suggested by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society(1).

A night of good quality sleep is vital for healthy energy levels and should be uninterrupted by the environmental cues to achieve optimal sleeping time. This will allow your brain and body to pass through the sleep cycle efficiently and get recharge.

You’ll feel fully energized the next morning without feeling tired or groggy.

1(b). If your sleeping pattern is completely out of sync, it will disrupt your circadian rhythm. A study(2) has shown sleeping at the wrong time may lead to low energy levels and potentially the development of sleeping disorders.

I suggested is best to sleep during the night time if possible although some people working night shifts are unable to avoid this.

2. Not hydrated enough. Do you know you should have enough water in your body (about 8 glasses a day) to stay hydrated every day? However, depending on individuals, some may need more or lesser water intake daily.

If you are an active sportsman or involved with outdoor activity often, you should drink more water to stay hydrated. Lack of water inside our body can lead to low energy levels causing fatigue and cognitive problems(3).

3. Having more sugar or processed carbohydrates in your diet can cause low energy. When you consume food high in sugar and simple carbs, it can cause rapidly unstable sugar glucose levels which can lead to exhaustion.

4(a). Low-calorie intake can also lead to low energy levels. In general, an average adult needs around 1,100 – 1,200 daily calories for the body to function normally.

Having too few calories and nutrients can slow down the metabolism process to fuel energy and potentially cause fatigue.

4(b). Having to consume a low-protein diet as required can cause low energy in humans. Another study(4) has found consuming high-quality protein food boosts a higher metabolism rate than other macronutrients (carbs or fats).

5. Stress stress stress! Having excessive stress and not being able to treat it can have a bad effect on your energy levels and overall quality of life. This has been proven in a few studies(5), (6).

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How You Can Quickly Increase or Boost Up Energy Level?

There are many quick ways you can boost your energy level but I like these tips:

1. A cup of coffee a day is great to boost up your energy level, at least being energized for a few long hours.

Caffeine aids in improving a person’s clarity and focus by increasing all activities in the brain. However, overdosage of caffeine is also not healthy for the brain in the long term as this could lead to anxiety and insomnia.

2. How about energy drinks? It is widely popular among teen and younger adult groups. Most energy drinks contain caffeine which is why this type of drink can increase the users’ energy, physical performance, and mental alertness.

However, I don’t like energy drinks as some are high in sugar and caffeine content, and dangerous if mixed with alcohol.

Did you ever notice how a long-haul lorry driver can stand long hours driving on the road? What do they normally drink while on the road?

3. If you are at your desk for a long time, be sure to sit straight up, don’t sit in a hunchback posture as we know it is bad for our back and can develop back pain. Try sitting straight up next time, you’ll feel energetic and more confident.

4. Getting brighter artificial light (besides natural daylight) inside your home during the day makes you more alert. This plays a positive impact on your overall circadian rhythms.

5. Aromatherapy scents. I like the scents of lemon, lavender, or eucalyptus oil. It enhances your energy level and positive mood. Try getting one and put it in your living room or bedroom. Your mood is instantly elevated.

6. Depending on the level of fatigue, consider getting vitamins and minerals supplements like vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and Magnesium to support building energy. Get advice from your healthcare expert for suggestions and guidelines.

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7 Tips To Follow If You Need More Energy Naturally

How about boosting your energy level in a more natural way?

1. Try to take a cold shower every morning. Haha, that sounds awful, especially in the wintertime. However, a study showed taking a quick cold shower may help to elevate energy levels.

This is an easy way to help speed up your heartbeat, metabolism rate, and blood flow which all contributed to boosting your energy level higher.

2. Take a real quick nap for about 15 minutes if you can in midday. This can help to reduce a person’s stress level, especially at the workplace, and improve alertness and overall performance.

Before sleeping at night, make sure to disconnect all the electronic or blue light activity that can disrupt your good sleep.

3. They say laughing is always the best medicine for all. Laugh is as good as doing a light workout, helping to increase blood flow and lower stress levels. Next time, try watching some funny comedy movie on Netflix or YouTube.

4. Try to open the curtains in your home to let the natural sunlight in. This creates a revitalized and refreshing energy in you.

5. Exercise regularly is effective to maintain or boost up energy levels. Swimming, jogging, running, or walking at the nearby park is a good practice to improve productivity and avoid stress-related disorders.

If your area doesn’t have a park, consider getting exercise with a treadmill at home.

Try also a few simple stretching exercises at home or the workplace. It does elevate your positive mood and boost your energy level.

How about taking the stairs up instead of the elevator? Science(7) has proven it is more effective in boosting energy than a cup of coffee (50mg caffeine).

If you are into more relaxing activities, try to learn yoga or meditation poses. They are great in promoting blood circulation and helping to improve energy levels naturally and at the same time managing stress well.

6. Ensure that you are eating the right healthy diet regularly consisting of an adequate intake of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. This will improve your cognitive function.

Do you know complex carbs such as whole grain, legumes and beans, fruits (oranges, bananas, apples, berries), and vegetables (asparagus, sweet potatoes, broccoli) are considered one of the best energy booster foods?

7. Any beverages should be less sugar or sugar-free if possible. Just be sure you are always staying hydrated at all times for the important electrolytes inside the body to get replenished.

Best Home Remedies To Fight Fatigue And Boost Energy

You can also try these few simple home remedies tricks to beat fatigue and revitalize your energy.

1. Getting more houseplants in your home. They are acting as your natural air filters in filtering out any air pollutants, ozone, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that might be coming from your household items like air freshener, paint, cleaning products, fragrances, etc.

Good to know that houseplants are great in helping to boost your energy, isn’t it?

2. When you are eating snacks, get some healthy crunchy food such as carrot or celery sticks dipped in peanut butter, granola bar, or apple. The crunchy sounds make you more awake and stay alert.

3. Do you like aroma oil scents such as peppermint oil? Put a few drops onto your handkerchief, gently hold it on your nose, close your eyes for a while, then, breathe deeply and slowly.

If you don’t have one, try whiff with another fatigue fighter – cinnamon stick which can make you slowly more awake.

Or, if you want a relaxing bath tonight in a bathtub, put a few drops of rosemary or eucalyptus oil into the bathwater, close your eyes, take a deep breath, relaxing your mind for a while. You’ll feel your energy slowly recharging.

That’s all I’ve got, folks.

Do you agree with the above tips?

an image depicting high energy levels to stay awake and alert

My Final Conclusion: 7 Tips To Follow If You Need More Energy Naturally

You don’t want to feel tired easily or sluggish throughout the day due to low energy levels. This is considered a health concern and if not getting proper treatment can lead to more serious or chronic illness in the longer term.

While consuming caffeine or sugar may help your eyelids from falling especially in the afternoon, towards the end, you’ll feel more drained than before. It may or may not work for some people.

Knowing the right ways to boost up your energy levels effectively is crucial so that you’ll be more energized and revitalized to start your every day ahead productively and positively.

On top of having a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting good quality sleep is also important. So, make sure you have all these three elements combined and manage them well to achieve overall healthy energy levels in you.

I hope this insight is helpful, do leave me a comment below if you have and I will be back within 24 hours.

To your fabulous Home Workout success!


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