Perfect Home Gym Setup – What Does The Setup Include?

Are you currently exercising with just your bodyweight or using any kind of gym equipment?

Have you ever thought about setting up a small little gym in your home?

Today, let’s discuss the perfect home gym setup, how do we set it up, the pros and cons and, can we afford it or not?

Let’s find out more.

How Can I Setup A Basic Home Gym?

The concept is not complicated as we might think.

It is more like a place for you to perform varieties of exercises in one station at home.

Designed to fit in a spare room of your home, like the garage or the basement, so you can do your desire home exercises productively. A spare room that is not too crampy feels easy to breathe and looks comfortable is a good consideration.

A 10 by 10 room size looks great provided it is empty or uncluttered. Otherwise, you are only able to perform limited exercises maybe like push-ups, planks or jump-rode.

an empty room painted in white color

The color of the room should be bright and clear like the white or light blue sky ( if you like blue ). It does make a difference when you are exercising as bright color gives you a sense of more motivation and positive energy.

Next, you may need a full-length mirror ( large enough to see your whole body while exercising ), do not lean but hang it on the wall.

Why? Hanging it give you a non-distorted view of how you look. Also, the mirror is mainly for you to monitor your exercises, prevent any risk of injury and give you a sense of feedback as you make your progress.

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Ensure the lighting is right. I suggested using bright light LED bulbs from Philips as it does consume less energy and emit less heat compared to the classic lights.

What about a Portable sound system?

Great music or tunes help you energize during your workout session. A good remote speaker that is light around 2 pounds, with a Bluetooth range of 100 feet plus 360 degrees sounds moving all over the room.

Sounds great now, let’s get ready for an awesome home fitness experience that you always wanted to do.

Is A Home Gym Worth The Money?

In my opinion, a lot of reasons why we can consider investing in a home gym.

Firstly, undoubtedly, saves you money a lot in the long run.

Why? No more paying for the gym membership out there.

Actually, over time, your membership will cost you hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of program you are enrolling in. For that amount of investment, if you do thorough research, you may get a piece of equipment for exercise at home and have the incredible same results too.

save time and money

Save more time by traveling to and from your fitness center. Agreed?

Unless if your fitness center is just a stone’s throw away from your home, you are most likely will spend more time traveling for your fitness session. This time spent could have been used for the home workout sessions.

While not all fitness center is available 24/7 a week, so if you have your own gym equipment at home, no worry of the closing time or fitness schedules.

All these worries will be cut out as your home gym is always ready for you whenever you are.

We know that not all fitness centers invest in good-quality machines. Thus, having your own home gym machine suit your exercise need and ensure top-notch quality.

Besides, these top-notch machines also ensure durability ( for long-term home fitness plans), safety and performance.

So you see, quality home gym equipment gives you a seamless exercise experience at home.

One of the key factors in fitness is consistency. By having your own variety of home gym equipment, the freedom to exercise is entirely on your hands, you can train whenever you want to achieve your goal.

You don’t have to worry about the current Covid-19 pandemic. Workout at home with your own gym equipment reduces the risks or chances of getting infected when you are outside.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

What Are The Essentials Items For Home Gyms On A Budget?

Every fitness expert will definitely recommend the jump rope.

Doing a jump rope for around 20 minutes works well for your heart and lung, burning the calories and improving overall fitness.

You also need a gym mat, that is for sure if you want to shape your body at home.

You can use the mat for yoga or jump. Depending on what type of exercise you are going to do on a mat, the latter one is mostly for more intense exercise. For the jump mat, you’ll need a space that allows plenty of movement.

How about a workout bench? Or we simply called it a weight bench gives you a specific spot to practice exercises such as triceps, biceps, push-ups etc.

Using dumbbells works great as well with the workout bench. Bench press with dumbbells works each side of your body more effectively ( balancing work out for each side ) than the barbells bench.

Another piece core of home gym essentials is the resistance bands. It takes such a small space in your home, very versatile and importantly inexpensive too.

With the varieties of resistance levels from light to heavy, it does really challenge your fitness level. Ensure that you have an organized plan that covers all parts of your body.

A kettlebell is a good form of home exercise that helps your strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is very easy to tuck away when you are done with it. It does offer full-body toning and improve your cardio exercises.

Not to forget, the pull-up bar. It is easy to attach to the door frame and needs only limited floor space. Pull-ups are an excellent way to strengthen up the upper body and the more you practice, the faster the results will be.

Do consider any or all of these guys for a great workout at home.

What Are The Best Home Gym Equipment For Weight Loss?

What about recommended fitness equipment to begin exercise at home?

Treadmill. I’m sure everyone will like this. Even my late grandma loved it.

It is one of the most common and popular types of home gym equipment. An efficient aerobic workout and pretty straightforward. Good choice for those who wish to start a home gym exercise routine as it fits well for all individual’s fitness levels.

For cardio training, the indoor rowing machine is good. It is a low-impact workout and engages in all major muscles groups, high-burning calories motion and work on legs too.

For resistance training equipment, a suspension training straps kit gives you a complete intense full-body exercise at home. Helps to burn fat, improve flexibility and increase your endurance.

Exercise bike, give you full control of your workout intensity, the more you put in, the more you get out. Good for a low-impact workout on the lower body. It is also a cardio workout and burns calories too.

Which one would you choose as a starting point for exercise at home?

My Overall Thoughts On Perfect Home Gym Setup

In long run, I would say that investing by setting up your little home gym with some equipment is well worth it.

However, going to the fitness center is still as good as everyone does, so it entirely depends on your own personal opinions.

If the cost factor of having good fitness machines bother you quite a lot, the fact is that this investment will benefit you a lot in long run – save you both time and money.  

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You can literally wear whatever you like and never be afraid of someone looking at your fitness outfit – weird or fashionable. There is absolutely no dress code to work out at your home, of course.

I think the best is you can even encourage your family members or housemates to join you together. That’s even more amazing.

Make a video of it if you like, and share it with the world, let’s encourage the world to practice a healthier lifestyle at home. Who knows that you might become a fitness influencer on Youtube or Tiktok.

a woman is working out at the home basement

Home gyms are always available for you, anytime you want, the station is just there ‘staring’ at you, waiting for you to operate on them. Imagine that they are also happy that you are utilizing them for exercise in the most comfortable and personalized environment ever – your own Sweet Home!

Exercise is all about working on the part, not looking at it!

Do you see the logic now? Leave me a comment below and I will be back within 24 hours.

Happy Exercise At Home!


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