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Resurge Deep Sleep Formula Reviews – How True Is That?

There is another talk of the town dietary supplement in the market right now.

The makers claimed that their formula breakthrough is able to solve the problems of fat burning while sleeping soundly!

Thousands of users had already seen improvement in their health from this product.

Hmmm, seems amazing and doubtful again, LOL.

Let’s dig deeper into Resurge deep sleep formula reviews, and find out more about these claims, the pros and cons, and the ingredients too.

Resurge deep sleep supplement in three bottles

Product Name: Resurge Deep Sleep & HGH Support Formula

Type of Supplement: Dietary Supplement

Health Benefits: Claimed to help in weight loss while in deep sleep for both men and women

Owner: Lisa Etwell and John Barban

No.of capsules per bottle: 120, good for 30 days

Recommended Dosage:  4 capsules per day after an evening meal or an hour before sleep.

Price: US $59.00 per bottle ( check out their official website, the current offer is US $49.00! )

Side Effects: No major side effects have been reported

Official Website:

An Overview Of Resurge Supplement / What Is It For?

The makers had claimed that Resurge is the ONLY dietary supplement product in the world that consists of 8 nutrients in the exact same amount to enhance the natural metabolic regeneration through deep sleep for both sexes!

It also claimed that we just need to consume before sleep and let the so-called ‘breakthrough formula’ work on its magic.

This supplement gives you natural, safe, and effective ways to improve sleeping quality and duration plus maintain healthy body weight.

No need for intense exercise or a well-balanced diet too? This means there are literally no lifestyles changes required!

Isn’t that too good to be true?

But how?

What Are The Main Ingredients?

As mentioned earlier, the makers said there are eight nutrients to produce a capsule.

Here are the details and the values of Resurge ingredients:

1. Zinc ( 15 mg )

Boost immune system and metabolism functions. Promote overall wellness and reduces fatigue.

2. L-arginine ( 1200 mg )

An amino acid for muscles building and recovery through the release of nitric oxide in the blood which will then carry more oxygen to the muscles for tougher exercise.

3. L-lysine ( 1200 mg )

Also amino acids, besides being essential for muscles growth like Arginine, this compound also vital in controlling anxiety, promote deeper sleep and enhancing the immune system.

4. L-theanine ( 200 mg )

This compound has the ability to promote relaxation. It helps to prevent anxiety and give you the overall well-being of the mind, thus improve sleep quality.

5. Magnesium ( 500 mg )

Well known for its anti-inflammatory action, helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, and fights depression.

6. Ashwagandha Root Extract ( 150 mg )

This ancient medicinal East India plant has been used for centuries in India for improving sleeping quality ( by decreasing the level of cortisol hormone ) and reduces anxiety and stress.

7. Melatonin ( 10 mg )

Melatonin is actually a natural hormone found in the body and has been proven to treat insomnia and improve the duration and quality of different sleeping conditions.

8. Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract ( 100 mg )

The seed extract of this native plant of Africa is believed to have a positive impact on treating insomnia, depression, appetite, and deep sleep. Limited research has shown that it affects the natural amino acid 5-Hydroxytryptophan ( 5-HTP )  which is crucial for weight loss.

* Zinc and magnesium work well together in promoting a natural and healthy sleeping pattern in a REM phase.

* L-arginine and L-lysine when taken together will increase the duration and quality of the sleep, thus helping to shed off the stubborn fat.

How Does Resurge Deep Sleep Work To Burn Fat?

This is the main curiosity that we all want to know about.

How do these two friends are related to each other?

Firstly, we need to know what is this ‘deep sleep’? Sleep soundly without snoring?

a woman is sleeping

Deep sleep is the time when your body goes into metabolism regeneration.

It is divided into two categories which are:

REM ( RAPID EYE MOVEMENT ) – the active phase where this HGH ( human growth hormone ) is created by the body when you are in deep sleep, boosting the metabolism, burn more fat, and let the body becomes more energetic.

NREM ( NON-RAPID EYE MOVEMENT ) – at this inactive stage, when the body is in NREM mode, the HGH hormones will stop their work and not produce this leptin compound ( appetite-elimination hormone ) anymore.

This will make you overeat and obese.

This is why Resurge supplement’s main focus is to find the root cause of obesity, helping to burn more fat by increasing metabolism activities. In the end, burn more fat while giving you a deeper sleep.

Quite a bit of scientific terms here, but that is how the Resurge supplement works.

What Are The Pros As Claimed?

1. Overcome the common problem of loss of sleep by enhancing better sleep ( through detoxifying the body while sleeping )  and maintain healthy body weight.

2. The makers claimed that this Resurge supplement may help to prevent inflammation, less craving for food ( preventing the production of hunger hormones, Ghrelin ), dental bone loss, low immunity, and low testosterone levels.

3. A clinically proven dietary and nutritional supplement.

4. Reportedly no major side effects from its users, if taken as directed.

5. Offering a 100% money-back guarantee and a 60-day money refund from the date of purchase.

6. A vegetarian product and Non-GMO formulation.

7. Pricing is fairly affordable for everyone.

* 1 Bottle at  US $49 + shipping

* 3 Bottles at US $117 + shipping

* 6 Bottles at US $204 + shipping

What are the possible ‘hidden dangers’ of dietary supplements?

Find more on my blog on the Negative Effects of Dietary Supplements?

What Are The Cons?

1. If you check on their official website, there is not much information about the company such as contact number. All they have is the email address.

2. Like many other dietary supplements claimed that although their products are Non-GMO, produced in a US FDA approved facility, 100% all-natural made ingredients, vegetarian, safety to consume, there are no data or comprehensive reports available to back up these claims.

3. Not all users will experience the same good result. Some may achieve satisfying results while some don’t.

4. I also came across many users through Trustpilot saying that it works well on sleeping quality and duration, but not so much or zero results in losing pounds. Some claimed they have allergies or side effects like an abnormal heartbeat.

5. The original Resurge deep sleep supplement is ONLY available from its official website. NOT sold at any retail or pharmacy stores, online marketplace, authorized resellers, or the Amazon website, and if it does, most likely are the fake version.

Always be extra careful when doing your research!

Any Typical ‘Warnings’ To Take Note Before Consume?

Like any other dietary supplements available in the market, it is good to know if any precautions should be taken prior to.

1. Pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18 years, individuals currently on any medications, food or medicines allergies, are advised to seek medical advice from your healthcare experts before starting consuming this product.

2. Never purchase from an unconfirmed website.

3. This supplement is recommended mainly for men and women above 40 years of age.

4. Must follow the dosage instructions on the label of the manufacturer.

5. Discontinue this supplement if you are still unable to sleep for the next 7 – 8 hours.

6. Do NOT operate any machines or driving within 8 hours after taking the dosage as directed.

My Overall Impressions On Resurge Deep Sleep Formula Reviews

I called it deep sleep and fat-burning supplement combined.

Resurge supplement’s principle is just by acquiring a deep state of relaxation when a person is sleeping, at the same time helping to burn fat and eliminate all the bad effects inside a human body in the past due to lack of sleep.

It helps you get into a deep sleep, a refresh and energized mind the next morning.Three bottles of Resurge supplements

Besides, with its 60-day full refund policy where you can request a complete refund within two months from your original purchase date, which I guessed is a little bit generous!

I hope that this review will again open up your horizon to make a well-informed decision whether or not to give this product a try.

Normally, when such a product claimed works in two ways at the same time, it is OK to be doubtful.

You decide what and which is best for you.

Also, to ease your concerns on dietary supplements, do check out this link from the FTC. It can give you more informed resources.

As always, continuing exercising and eat healthily at home for a healthier lifestyle.

Please remember that!

Leave a comment below if you have and I will be happy to reply back within 24 hours.

Happy Exercise at Home!


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