How To Target Your Traps At Home – Traps exercise workout

Do you know the trapezius is a very huge and flat muscle that has often been overlooked by trainers? Widely referred to as the traps, you have the upper, middle, and lower traps muscle. Wondered how the bodybuilders ever have those well-toned, strong, sculpted, and curve traps? In this post, we are going to discuss … Read more

Full Body TRX Home Workout Routines – My Best Picks

  Listen to this article   Does anyone ever try to work out using the TRX? It stands for total-body resistance training, a very versatile and effective suspension trainer. The straps with handles are mounted from above the ceiling or on the door to do suspension training. The TRX workout can be another full-body power … Read more

Basic Core Exercises For Beginners At Home

Do you know our core muscles are an extremely important part of our bodies not to be neglected during workouts? A stronger core is vital for maintaining strength and balance in your body. Besides aiding your sports and fitness routines, having a stronger core does help in improving our everyday lives in many ways. What … Read more

Easy Leg Exercises To Do At Home – No Weights Workout

In this article, we are exploring our lower body exercise which is leg exercises. Many of us tend to overlook this part of our bodies when it comes to exercise. For beginners, leg exercises don’t need to be so complicated. In fact, you can work on them without using any weights for building the basic … Read more

Best Night Time Workout Routine For Better Sleep

Planning to shift your daytime workout? Trying to look into ways for night time workouts instead? Don’t worry, as long you don’t do it right before your bedtime, it won’t affect your zzzs. The types of workouts before your bedtime has to be low-impact that doesn’t drive up your adrenaline too much and with some … Read more

Best Workout App For Beginners At Home – Top 9 Choices

I’m sure you are familiar with the workout app. They are mobile-friendly downloadable applications that can help you in your fitness program, track your workout progress, or help in achieving your fitness success. Thanks to the incredible technology today, you can start working out or progress from your current workout regime by using these varieties … Read more

How To Do Proper Pushups For Shoulders Workouts?

Do you know our shoulders muscles are considered the easier muscles groups to build? If you have consistency and correct shoulders workouts, you can build perfect shoulders, chest, and arms muscles. Shoulders workouts are vital to get these muscles groups to develop properly and stronger in preventing any workouts injury, especially during weight lifting training. … Read more

What Are The Best BACK Workouts To Do At Home?

Back workout is another often overlooked exercise that we tend to ignore most of the time. Many new trainers’ main priority is to build strength and muscles on the frontal part such as chest, abdominal, triceps, or biceps. Are we aware that back exercise is also important to our body movement and to prevent having … Read more