30 Minute HIIT Workout At Home With No Equipment!

The High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT emphasizes short and intense activities to the maximum, followed by a low-intensity workout with a short recovery period – all in under 30 minutes. Science does prove HIIT workouts have benefited overall heart health, weight loss, building muscles, and strength gain. Can you do a 30-minute HIIT workout at … Read more

Should You Be Using Supplements For Walking? What Is The Best Supplement For Walking?

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What Are The Warning Signs And Symptoms of Eating Disorders?

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What Are The Best Chest Exercises At Home Without Weights?

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What Is The Best Exercise To Reduce Saggy Belly Fat?

Are you still trying to get rid of that stubborn saggy belly for months? A saggy belly could be the result of either you have lost lots of weight, post-pregnancy or genetics-related. Your abdominal muscles had already gone weak and you might want to shed off this extra layer of fat around the belly. What … Read more

What Is The Best Lightweight Lifting To Practice At Home

Lightweight training is a good workout for improving endurance and strength. We can use them as extra or an alternative to cardiovascular workouts. This light and simple form of training can actually help you to burn calories. What is the best lightweight lifting to practice at home? Can it help to build muscles too? We … Read more

How Can You Practice Aerial Yoga At Home – What Do You Need To Start?

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How To Do Plyometric Exercises At Home For Beginners?

Plyometrics are considered powerful explosive exercises. They are tailored in such a way (when done correctly) to increase your strength, endurance and speed. Very dynamic movements and train your muscles to work to the maximum forces in very short bursts. Not only performed by professional trainers or athletes but also for individuals looking to improve their … Read more

Is Jumping On A Mini Trampoline Really A Good Workout?

A mini-trampoline or a rebounder is another popular home workout. Even the queens of Hollywood, Goldie Hawn, Eva Longoria are super active working out with it. What a low-impact full-body exercise and a lot of fun too. Is jumping on a rebounder or mini-trampoline really a good workout? Let’s get into it. What Are The … Read more