Best Morning Exercises At Home For Beginners

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Do you know morning exercise is one of the best exercises for you, both mentally and physically?

But you got to awaken before sunrise to maneuver it and can be darn sleepy, too lazy for the sake of it!

You rather sleep two hours more and luxuriate in the remainder of the day by eating, sleeping, shopping, watching a movie, and more.

Well, these are precisely the same thoughts that I had in the past but not anymore.

Let’s find out more what are the best morning exercises at home for beginners.

Image photo: Mother and daughter doing morning home exercise

An Overview Of Exercise In The Morning

You can exercise whenever you want from your home.

If your only time to exercise is before you attend work, then morning exercise is the best solution for you.

However, if you wish to reserve that physical movement in the evenings, it is most likely that you will NOT get to it.

Just so you know, you’ll get grumpy or groggy in the early morning for your morning exercise, interrupt your deep sleep or your energy fuel isn’t at its peak.

I was at this stage before, and to be honest, I found it quite difficult to regulate myself to that.

But, with self-motivation and a real commitment to achieving my fitness goals, I slowly push myself into it and now it had become an almost daily routine for me.

You see, it’s just all about the right attitude – YOU CAN DO IT!

Why Regular Exercising Are Important?

In our daily life, especially for working adults, when we are way too busy with daily routines at the workplace, we tend to forget some aspects of practicing a healthier lifestyle, in this context – fitness and exercise.

Besides having healthy diets, balancing both mentally & physically is way too important that we shall not neglect it at any cost.

We are becoming less active nowadays, probably because ‘technology’ has made our life a lot easier than it had been 20 – 30 years back. As a result in long term, we are more prone to diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

You may be asking, how important is exercising and staying healthy in the end?

When we believe in exercise, especially for beginners like me in the past, we tend to think – Oh my gosh, I even have to jog like 2 – 3 km every day?

You gotta be kidding me right?

No, we don’t need to torture ourselves that way, in fact, exercises at home simply don’t need to be so extreme or scary!

It’s such a lot of fun and improves overall health if you are doing it correctly.

In my opinion, depending on your capability and your desire to realize your goals, below are the health benefits you will gain by exercising regularly,

1. Improves your physical fitness (Definitely true).

2. Improves glucose control (Good for those who are struggling with the diabetic problem).

3. Control your blood pressure and strengthen your heart (I’m experiencing this now & then).

4. Quicker recovery from illness and stress (I’m experiencing this now and then).

5. Improves self-esteem and reduces anxiety (Your level of confidence will rise as you make exercise a routine).

6. Improve energy to cope with our normal daily tasks (I felt lighter inside of my body each time I completed an exercise).

7. Improve your inner balance, concentration & coordination (With more exercise, the brain functions better).

Isn’t it that great now you are able to find out some importance of exercise, within the comfort of your own home?

What Are The Benefits Of Morning Exercise?

Well, everyone is different.

Our right time of exercise also depends on some factors like preference, lifestyle, and our body.

However, there isn’t any real answer to fits all of that.

So don’t be stressed about it and here are some great benefits of sweating your body as the sun slowly rises before everyone wakes up.

1. If you are looking to lose weight, exercising in the morning before breakfast may solve that puzzle.

2. Control your appetite even further by reducing hunger hormones Ghrelin inside your body.

3. Enhance your good mood because physical activity (also a natural medicine for distress) is a great way to start your day.

4. Fewer distractions as you are more likely not going to receive phone calls, emails, text messages, what-do-to lists, etc.

5. If you are exercising in your home backyard or garden, you will most likely avoid the heat in the summer – more comfortable and relaxing.

6. Improve your good night’s sleep – experience fewer nighttime awakenings and fast fall asleep too.

Just relax and enjoy it but how are we going to do it?

BEST Morning Exercises For Beginners To Stay Healthy.

Before that, we must be wondering this question – Should I eat before exercising?

The answer is NOT NECESSARY if you are exercising for like 1 – 1.5 hours a day.

Your body should have enough storage of carbohydrates in your liver and muscles. It should be sufficient to provide you with fuel for around the time frame mentioned. Besides, these are just light to moderate exercises, not heavy ones.

Here is the best home exercise you can do in the morning. It is very simple and does NOT require the heck of all your energy.

Rest for 3 – 5 minutes in between each form. For a start, you’ll wish to try just 2 – 3 forms per session.

A session can last around 60 – 90 minutes.

Do it at your slow pace, do NOT overdo it.

1. High Knee jack (30 times) – Strengthen your leg muscles, improve your pulse rate, and have greater coordination. Start by standing feet alongside arms straight to the sky. Left-right Left-right angle while swinging arms down touching under right leg.

2. Side Bends (30 times) – Best for trimming your waist. Good for the women. Start by getting up together with your legs a bit wider than your hips. Touch your right to the side of your head.

Guide your head to the left until you are feeling a stretch along the right waist and shoulder. Pause for a second and slowly return to the starting position. Switch sides to complete one set.

3. Arm Circles (30 times) – Help strengthen your shoulders and arms. Start by standing straight together with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arm will be straight out to the sides so that your body forms a T2.

4. Standing Knee Raises (30 times) – Help to strengthen the lower portion of your abdomen. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, turn your left foot and leg about 45 degrees outward and lift your left arm overhead.

Bend your left knee, raise it up as high as you can toward the left side of your chest and simultaneously bend your left elbow and lower it to meet your left knee.

5. Punches (30 times) – Most straightforward exercise you’ll be able to do at home.

You just need to know two things. First, punch together with your whole body, not just your arm, and make sure that your feet are light. Secondly, keep your fists close to your chin on either side (like in the image below), and return them to that position after executing each punch.

6. Step Back Jacks (30 times) – You’ll do that as a warm-up or full workout exercise. Standing with both feet together and arms by the side. Lunge back while moving both arms up to the sky. Recover and then repeat the same for the other leg.

7. Squat Arm Lifts (20 times) – This is also called the King of all exercises as it works more muscles in the body. Inhale as you squat down as low as you can together with your back straight and exhale as you stand back up.

8. Side Deep Squats (20 times) – Great exercise for strengthening the legs, glutes, and outer thighs for a fit and toned lower body. Standing with feet hip-distance and sitting back to the squat position by bending the knees.

Keep your abs tight and back straight. Step wide to at least one side, staying in your squat position, then return to your starting position. Do the same in the other direction.

Continue squatting side to side by staying low throughout.

9. Heel Touch (20 times) – This is another exercise that works well for the abdomen. Begin with sitting on the ground together with your legs bent, your feet on the ground at about 18 – 24 inches apart, together with your arms out on your hand.

When within the starting spot, curl over your chest on the right side and touches your right foot. Hold this pose for a few seconds, squeeze the abs then return to the starting spot. Repeat the same for the other side.

I also suggest that you do 10 – 15 minutes of a warmup by doing basic body stretching. You may do this too after your workout for muscle relief.

Everyone can do all these exercises, regardless of age, old or young. It is also good for those aiming for weight loss at home.

Make it a routine from now on and you’ll gonna love it.

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My Overall Verdict: Best Morning Exercises At Home For Beginners

I ain’t a trainer or health physician here but with the experiences and knowledge that I’d gained in the past, telling myself the importance of staying healthy by exercising regularly.

That is why I’m hoping to send messages and awareness to everyone to unwind their mindset to get started.

No one is going to force you to do it.

If you love your life, then make it a habit from now.

DO IT NOW, DON’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK otherwise you are telling yourself again: I’ll start next week, I’m too busy in the week, etc. These are just a few excuses that you simply are giving to yourself, to deny it, and in the end, just a word that may not materialize.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an enormous or small size body, exercising just doesn’t judge who you’re.

Remember that you can always start exercising from the comfort of your home, in the backyard or garden with sunny nice weather, birds chirping around, OR perhaps in your living room. If your bedroom is quite enough space, you can even do it there.

Try starting with something light perhaps yoga, pilates, meditation, or tai-chi exercise.

Exercise consistently, in daily, weekly, and monthly routines, whenever you can. You will definitely hit your fitness goals in the long term.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Please leave a comment if you have it and I’m gonna back within 24 hours.

Have A Fantastic Morning Exercise At Home!


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