How To Get Bigger Forearms Fast – Without Weights?

How To Get Bigger Forearms Fast - Without Weights?
Ok, folks. You have been busy exercising most parts of your body at home.

Glutes, chest, legs, biceps, shoulder, back, or core. You’ve done it all.

How about your forearm muscles and strength?

Have you ever given thought to this most overlooked part of your exercise routine?

How do you get bigger forearms fast without weights at home?

Let’s find out more.

Can You Train Your Forearms Every Day?

Not necessary at all. Ideally, 2 to 3 times a week.

You can add this forearm exercise towards the end of your regular exercise routine.

A strong forearm is important for daily functional strength activities.

So, make sure you don’t leave this exercise behind.

How long does it take for your forearms to grow?

Unlike other larger muscle groups, these small muscle groups of the forearm do not have the same capacity to grow in mass. Thus, it may take a little longer time to work and develop them.

Depending on how consistent you are towards your weekly forearm exercises, you can anticipate probably 1 to 2 months to start seeing good results.

Are Curls Work For Forearms?

Yes, they do but secondary muscles as curls mostly target the biceps more.

How effective curls work on your forearms depends on the intensity of your forearm exercise and the type of curls exercise. For example, you can focus both your biceps and forearms by working on a reverse curls workout, instead of a low-intense forearm workout.

Just so you know, any exercises that needed your hands to hold the weights will work for your forearms, such as dumbbell curls, triceps curls, or preacher curls (if you have a barbell at home).

Does a hand gripper increase your forearm size?

Sure it does a lot of help and is perhaps the best way to get you a stronger and bigger forearm size.

When you start using a gripper to train your forearm, you need to grip to the maximum force as much as possible.

A complete rep is counted when your hand is fully closing the grip handles and almost touching together. At this point, you hold the handles for 1 to 2 seconds. This is one rep.

Hand grippers for forearm exercises

However, don’t just invest in grippers for building your forearm muscles, instead, incorporate other forearm exercises too for maximum gain and enjoyment while exercising.

How To Get Bigger Forearms Fast – Without Weights?

You can try these 4 amazing forearm workouts at home.

Some of the forms require you to build the basic strength foundation first before moving further.

1. Pushups are great workouts to help strengthen and tone the upper body and core.

When you do pushups, the major muscles in the upper body such as the chest, back, shoulders, arms, triceps, and biceps do all the work.

Try wall pushups to help you to build a strong foundation for the chest, arms, and shoulders. This type of pushup doesn’t imply heavy stress on the working muscles and is also excellent for shoulder injury recovery.

You can do it easily at home. Recommended starting with 3 sets, each 10 – 12 repetitions, and rest for 30 seconds in between reps.

2. Fingertip pushups are a more powerful grip strength for forearm exercise. It requires you to lift your whole body weight with your toes and fingertips only.

This technique is really not easy, to begin with. I, myself still struggling even up to this day.

Beginners must familiarize themselves more with the basics of doing pushups to gain more strength and endurance before even jumping into this type of pushup.

Note: Fingertip pushups need a perfect form to master properly to avoid the risk of finger injury. Watch this 1-minute quick tutorial.

3. Pullups on a door are considered an advanced workout form to build up your back, arms, and shoulders muscles, improving grip strength especially when you move towards doing weight lifting at a later stage of your training.

It is kind of difficult to begin for newbies as it’s testing your strength by using your hand grips to slowly pull your body up until your chin just passes above the bar.

My advice is if you want to master this upper body strength workout on a door, start by pulling up as high as you can or at least in a hanging position or your chin is above the top of the door.

Imagine the amount of strength needed to reach this stage. Take a look at this 5-minutes tutorial.

Note: Please make sure that the door you are working with can withstand your body weight to avoid any unwanted injury risks. Also, no door with a glass panel.

Pullups are a very extreme exercise, be sure you are strong enough before starting.

4. Crab walk is one the best full-body exercises targeting almost all the major muscle groups of your body, especially the core, upper arms and legs, and shoulders.

Doing a crab walk exercise is a cardio workout that can result in burning calories, body toning, and improving overall strength. Check out this short video tutorial on crab walking.

Why Are Your Forearms Bigger Than The Biceps?

The biggest reason is you are working heavier on the lower arms than the upper arms. Your muscle mass is focusing more on your forearms than the biceps.

When you are working on building the grip strength, it is indirectly hitting more on your forearms. This will give you bigger forearms than biceps.

What you can do about it? Don’t worry, you can still fix it back.

Firstly, you need to refocus on your upper arms when you perform an upper-body exercise. This is because the earliest form in a workout is been optimized and always gives the best result as fatigue has not begun yet.

If you have been focusing a lot on grip strength training during the week, you may want to reduce the exercises such as wrist curls so you can allow your isolated biceps training to catch up.

How can you develop Popeye’s arms?

We all know Popeye has the biggest forearms until he can literally squeeze that spinach can without even opening it first.

You can do it if your goal is to get bigger arms.

Try doing these few classic forearm exercises to build big muscular forearms. You will need fitness equipment such as dumbbells and a barbell. Do watch these 4 short video tutorials.

1.  Wrist curls. You should start doing these most common forearm exercises at the beginning of your exercises or if you are having smaller forearms. By doing so, you are also able to perform other exercises routine effectively.

2. Farmers’ walk is considered the staple workout in many high-intense training routines. Great form to build up the strength and muscle mass in the forearms where other later exercises needed the grip strength to perform.

3. Barbell finger rolls exercise if done correctly is an effective form for your forearm development. If you have a barbell at home, you should consider this forearm exercise.

4. Reverse curls with dumbbells are also another great and easy exercise to build muscular and toned forearms.

Try them at home today!

Do your forearms naturally get bigger in time?

I honestly say they do if you keep working out on them correctly and consistently.

You will get bigger forearms than before.

Just focus on the grip training or weight lifting with dumbbells, 2 to 3 times weekly as it does bring a good result towards bigger forearms.

Speak with your qualified personal trainer if in doubt.


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My Final Conclusion: How To Get Bigger Forearms Fast – Without Weights?

Now, we all know that our forearms are one the most stubborn muscle groups in our bodies, but are crucial for your overall strength development.

However, the forearm muscles are often underrated in any exercise routine.

Do you know if your forearm muscles are fully developed, they are very functional with other forms of exercises. You should not leave this exercise behind in your regular fitness regime.

Also, do not forget that a healthy macronutrient diet consisting of high protein is important too if you are aiming at muscle-building training. This will ensure your muscle fiber remained healthy as the protein is constantly rebuilding.

Leave me a comment below if you have and I’ll speed back within 24 hours.

To another fabulous home exercise!


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