Best Inexpensive Gym Equipment For Home – My Top 7 Choices

Best Inexpensive Gym Equipment For Home

The definition of a home gym is various in many aspects.

It depends on how much you want to work out your body and what you want to achieve within a year from now.

Your home gym equipment doesn’t have to be expensive and takes up a lot of space. As long you have a fitness goal to accomplish, it works perfectly in that sense.

What are my best 7 choices of inexpensive gym equipment for home? Can that piece of equipment help towards your fitness success?

Keep on reading.

Who Mostly Benefitted From Using Home Workouts?

Some home trainers like to work out without using any weight which is fine.

It still works perfectly in building muscles, strength and endurance so as long you are dedicated and consistent in your training.

A lot of people are slowly shifting their workout routine to home-based especially due to the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic. However, not all are having the same thoughts, some still preferred to power their workout at the gym.

Nevertheless, these are the individuals most likely practicing home workouts with their gym equipment.

1. budget conscious and wanted to save more.

2. already shifting their office work to home now.

3. saves traveling time to and from the gym center.

4. developing more liking towards the idea of working out from home.

5. busy lifestyle individual who doesn’t have extra time to spend at the gym center.

6. enjoy working out privately.

7. their home space is spacious to enable working out properly and efficiently.

Based on the above, I have simply picked up my best 7 choices of inexpensive home workout equipment you can begin with.

They are suitable for beginners and can start immediately based on your workout routine.

Don’t forget to speak with your previous personal trainer if you like, to get some ideas and guidelines to begin.

And, importantly, do a quick warm-up for your body by doing some simple body stretching. You are also advised to stretch your body after your workout too. Bear in mind this practice at all times.


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1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are great for a home workout to serve your fitness goals and workout style perfectly.

Depending on the type of workout, if you are aiming to lose some pounds at a slower pace of your strength training, using a dumbbell with 15-20 repetitions per set will help to burn calories at that pace.

Building muscles, we all know the fact this is a truly classic way to build up your biceps and triceps.

If your goal is muscle-building and powerlifting workouts, dumbbells are ideal. The balanced weight of each side will allow you to do a deadlift or squat without hurting your hand grip.

2. Adjustable Bench

This weight bench is good for your home workout. You can do strength work out on almost all parts of your body.

Most people may not have those barbells or weight plates in their homes but dumbbells for home workouts. For example, you can use dumbbells on the bench to do chest presses to train your chest muscles to build.

You can either do an incline or flat bench chest press. I suggest doing both ways as they are targeting the same muscles (pecs, deltoid, and triceps) and only hit these muscles in a slightly different way.

From what I experienced with this bench using dumbbells, the incline press hits the upper pecs and shoulders while the flat bench press is targeting an overall of your pectoralis build with more natural workout movement.

However, many trainers had argued that a flat bench press is riskier for beginners as it is stressing more on the deltoids in developing pecs muscles.

Depending on the type of workout, an adjustable bench is also good when used with dumbbells to build up your back muscles, biceps, triceps, or shoulders.

3. Pullup Bar

Considered an advanced workout form, a pullup bar is extremely useful to build up your back, arms, and shoulders muscles, improving grip strength especially when you move towards doing weight lifting at a later stage of your training.

It is kind of difficult to begin for newbies as it’s testing your strength by using your hand grips to slowly pull your body up until your chin just passes above the bar. I find it hard and still struggling as I rarely use this form for my workout, but it works magically.

My advice is if you want to master this upper body strength workout using a pullup bar, start by pulling up as high as you can or at least in a hanging position. Even just by hanging from the bar, imagine the amount of strength needed! Practice makes perfect!

Getting a door frame pull-up bar is ideal to start compared to a standing pull-up bar due to the cost factor! It doesn’t require a hell of a lot of space in your room.

As long you know how to work out correctly, choosing a correct door frame pullup that can support your weights, good quality material, and is not easy to bend or break when you pull up, you are bound for a safer workout.

4. Resistance Bands

This piece of equipment is considered easy to use for home workouts. They are highly universal and work as multi-taskers.

If you know the proper form and techniques, it does bring the excellent fitness result you wanted. It is a perfect choice and works efficiently for almost all parts of our body through the elastic force created by the resistance.

Resistance bands help to train and tone your full body by creating forces using your body weight. Working out using the resistance band can create great metabolism forces and strength mass.

The levels of force created by stretching different band resistance levels, train the muscles to grow, adapt and recover. Choose the one that you enjoy and is comfortable for training your body and gaining strength.

Some of the favorite choices for building some muscles with the bands are the Romanian deadlift, standing chest press, overhead press for shoulders, triceps overhead extension, biceps curls, and lats pulldown for the back.

You can work it on your body such as the chest, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, and even legs. However, I find it a bit challenging to train on the legs, chest, and triceps, although it is still working well.


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5. AB Wheel Roller 

The ab wheel is a great home workout tool for your entire upper body.

For newbies, it is tough yet effective because you are slowly extending your body in a moving plank position by engaging all the major core muscles as the wheel is rolling in. The ab roller is also hitting your chest, lats, and deltoids as you roll out the wheel.

Noting that an ab wheel roller may not be suitable for all people. Unless you have already had good strength for the core, shoulders, arms, and back, you can enjoy this workout safely.

Try to build up the basic foundation for your strength and endurance with other core exercises like the planks before trying the ab wheel.

You also don’t want to work out with the ab wheel incorrectly as it will stress the lats and can result in lower back injury. Don’t try to overwork your body with this tool every day as this may cause muscle imbalance and postural problems.

Experts suggested a maximum of five times a week is enough with this ab roller. It is also important to swap with another form of exercise in your routine for better muscle adaptation.

6. Chest Expander

This is another very effective workout tool for building chest, shoulders, and, back muscles.

Besides hitting a chest press bench with dumbbells, you can also practice your chest workout with this essential piece of gym equipment.

You can simply increase the resistance by adjusting the cables or springs to train and develop the working muscles. This strand pulling’s springs or cables with low resistance level 1 to the highest 5 – strong enough to give you that superb chest workout.

If you are a newbie, like any other exercise, don’t rush, start from the lowest resistance for your upper body muscles to slowly adapt and build strength.

Don’t you notice even the lowest resistance in an expander will gradually increase the resistance as it stretches to the maximum tension? This is when your muscles are responding better here.

Noting when you get started, make sure you are in good control of both the handles as they might easily slip out from your hands as you are stretching the bands. It happened to me a few times when I first started, lol.

7. Yoga Swiss Ball

This Yoga ball provides an excellent workout in strengthening and building the core muscles of your body, especially the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, and back. Very good for body alignment, improve posture, and a stronger core.

Remember, the Swiss ball workout is about controlling your body, not speed.

You need to choose the right Swiss ball size and it depends on what type of exercise (sitting or standing) you intend to do.

For example, depending on your height, if the workout requires you to sit on the ball, the hips and knees should be at 90 degrees. If for standing or kneeling workouts, a larger Swiss ball is better.

Get an appropriate size and softer ball and work it slowly. The firmer the ball is, the more difficult it is for you to stabilize your body on the ball.

Acquire some basic skills of balancing using a softer ball (or less inflated) first.

Best Inexpensive Gym Equipment For Home

My Final Verdicts: Best Inexpensive Gym Equipment For Home

Home workouts are getting more popular in the last few years, not only because of the cost-saving factor, but the ongoing Covid-19 and new viruses had forced many blue collars health-conscious professionals to shift to the work-from-home concept.

I think this is slowly becoming a newer trend soon for many major corporations especially in the west to adapt to this new working norm. Many employees are feeling hesitant to return to their offices and feel a lot safer working from home.

This is when many people are also considering exercising more conveniently from their homes. Nevertheless, gym centers or studios are still in demand although some are still struggling to operate.

The right choice of having your home gym equipment depends on how well you are managing your work and fitness time effectively. I think the best part is you can wear anything you like when working out at home, don’t you think so?

Choose wisely which of the above gym equipment suits you best for home workouts.

If you have a comment to share, leave them below and I will speed back within 24 hours.

Have an Awesome Home Workout Success!


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  1. Totally agree, I am seldom go to gym now a day even the situation has been unlocked awhile. Actually depend what type of exercise you would like to do and what necessaries equipment needed for home exercise. I have many pairs of trainer hehe, to many :-P. I have 2 pairs of dumbbells’ 2 kg and 3kg. Kettle bell and band. Do I use them all? No 🙂 But using some of them time to time frequency.

    • Hello Kimmie,
      Glad that you enjoyed this blog.
      Not bad, having a few of the light gym equipment for your home workout. They are great depending on which type of exercises you are doing.
      Dumbbells are a great home gym tool that works fabulously.
      How often do you work out in a week?

      Enjoy your home workout there.



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