Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight? Biking, Rower Or Treadmill?

Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight? Biking, Rower Or Treadmill?

We are going to summarize these three buddies on their effectiveness in achieving your fitness goals!

Which ways to quickly lose weight?

Is it an exercise bike, rower, or treadmill?

All of them are indeed great workouts for your cardiovascular, building muscles, and are the ultimate weight loss regimes.

Let’s keep on reading.

Indoor Bike vs Indoor Rower vs Treadmill – The War Is On!

It is all starting from your persistence, consistency, body weight, and a properly balanced diet plan that plays a vital part in your fitness success.

Let’s get refreshed a bit here.

Walking on a treadmill overall helps you to maintain a healthy weight. If you are new to workout, walking is a good start to losing weight but at a slow pace. Besides, this exercise can also boost your heart rate and thus increase metabolism.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a faster way to burn off unwanted calories, you can run on a treadmill. It is much faster and more effective to lose weight than walking. Running burns almost double of calories than walking!

Working out with a rowing machine helps to tone and strengthen your body muscles. It also helps to boost the immunity system, strengthening the heart, overall stamina, and mental wellbeing.

This workout is targeting the major muscle groups of your body such as the arms, shoulders, upper back, quadriceps, hamstrings, and, glutes.

An indoor cycling bike is also a great workout for a fitter and healthier body. This is no doubt one of the best cardio equipment workouts for the weight loss journey.

A consistent bike workout could improve a healthy weight and burn off calories. You can be burning many calories in a session depending on the intensity and resistance level.

Can I Burn 500 Calories In 30 Minutes With A Rower, Exercise Bike, Or Treadmill? Which One Is Faster?

Folks, which one that you think is faster to shed off the calories in just 30 minutes?

Typically, you can achieve that with all these three workout equipment, or could be even higher than 500 calories!

However, this also depends on the intensity of training, your diet patterns, how much strength you can put into it, and if any interval training is involved.

1. Intensity level. Logically, the higher intensity that you give into any workout, the higher calories will be burning with the same amount of workout time and body weight.

2. Diet patterns. You also have to take these factors together to measure the success rate. A well-balanced healthy diet consisting of protein, carbs, and other nutrients will ensure a positive weight loss result.

3. Strength workouts. Having some other weightlifting training (pushups, squats, or planks just to name a few) into any of these workouts, will lead to faster calorie burning, as this is enhancing a higher metabolism to burn more calories.

4. Interval training. If you are already having good fitness exposure before, getting into interval training with high intense or vigorous workouts proved to burn more calories faster than the low to moderate-intensity workouts.

In my opinion, depending on your body composition, intensity, and duration, I will choose running at a steady pace (instead of walking) on a treadmill together with a healthy diet, as the fastest of these three buddies!


Running in general not only targets the belly fat, but also the overall body fat. You can stand to burn up to 500 calories or more in 30 minutes by just running steadily at approximately 8mph (depending on your weight and height).

However, note that if you are running faster within the same distance covered, the amount of calories burned is still roughly the same as running steadily.

With the same intensity, peddling on the bicycle with multiple resistance levels doesn’t burn that many calories, as they are more focusing on strengthening the major muscles. You are mostly working out more on your lower body than your upper body, not the whole body!

A rowing machine is also an amazing cardio workout machine for the lower (60%) and upper (40%) bodies. You will burn calories of course, BUT won’t be as many as running on a treadmill.

According to the American Council of Exercise, studies have shown that a person weighing 150 lbs running on a treadmill will burn about 180 calories at a distance of 5mph in 30 minutes. This compared to about 160 calories burned with the same amount of time rowing.


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HIIT Training With A Rower, Exercise Bike, Or Treadmill? Which One Is More Effective For Lose Weight?

HIIT Training or ‘High-Intensity Interval Training consists of high and low-moderate intensity workouts with a recovery period in between. It helps to boost metabolism and burn more calories even after finishing a workout (the afterburn effect or EPOC).

I honestly think all of them are perfect with the HIIT Training but as mentioned, how effective your lose weight journey depends on how well you give to your fitness plan. Are you working out regularly, putting in enough hard effort or not, and how well are you in managing your diet plan?

If you are looking into building more muscles, toner, and endurance, a treadmill workout will fit your goal. Imagine yourself working hard on your full body by running – that needs a lot of endurance plus strength!

For burning calories goals, a workout with a rowing machine or an exercise bike will do. Even though both are considered low-impact and non-weight-bearing workouts, in terms of burning calories speed, an effective rowing stroke is working faster to burn calories.

This full-body rowing workout with HIIT training gives your heart rate up and metabolism higher calories burning mode. However, you need to nail down well how to work with this machine, plus the techniques properly.

As compared with a rower, cycling with a bike is easier even though its primary focus is on the lower body such as the glutes, hips, ankles, and, knees.

Why Is Rowing Machine Less Popular Than Indoor Bike Or Treadmill?

I think in general, most people know how to use a treadmill or exercise bike more than a rowing machine.

Both treadmills and indoor bikes bike is easily adjustable by intensity or resistance levels, and you can just walk, run or peddle. Not so technical to understand to get good workouts from them.

You can do rowing strokes but believe me, not many people know the real technique and form of rowing the strokes correctly, except the professionals or expert rowers.

There are proper forms as to how your lower and upper body should be positioned well when doing the rowing. You just don’t sit on a rowing machine and start moving back and forth, not knowing that your bodies could be out of sync!

Wrong techniques and forms in rowing will be a waste of time and effort towards whatever goals that you are after. I have tried rowing at the gym and I know this is not just simply pushing or pulling to take off easily.

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My Final Conclusions: Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight? Biking, Rower, Or Treadmill?

A rowing machine and exercise bike are low-impact, less stress on the joints, and are not weight-bearing workouts.

While running on a treadmill is a high-impact workout. It does give more stress on the joints, and weight-bearing as it is supporting the body weight when you are running or fast-walking.

If I were a beginner, I would certainly go and try all of these three buddies at a gym, and learn them properly based on my fitness goals. Then, I can know which one best fits me, especially if considering purchasing only ONE for home workouts.

Regardless of which one best suits you, this article may help you discover your home workout goals better. If you are a newbie, you could learn how to properly operate them effectively, and avoid any potential injury.

I hope this helps you to differentiate better which gives the most out of your next home workout.

Drop me a comment below and I will reply within 24 hours.

Have A Fabulous Home Workout!


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