Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight – Rower, Elliptical or Exercise Bike?

Which one do you think will be a better choice for you?

Before you decide, all of them are indeed great cardiovascular training equipment for your fitness success.

Each of them has its own different ways of muscle exercise and adaptation.

Which ways to quickly lose weight? A rower, an elliptical, or an exercise bike?

Let’s find out more.

Image photo: An elliptical, a treadmill and an indoor bike

Which is the best for cardio workouts? Elliptical, Rowing machine, or Exercise bike? 

You need to know which part of the body these machines are targeting and how it works.

Choosing the right one will ensure you are working out correctly and effectively, and align with your fitness success.

Both rowers and exercise bikes are considered non-weight-bearing cardiovascular machines. They concentrate on the lower body workouts for the hips, calves, knees, and glutes. Depending on the intensity level and a person’s body weight, these two machines can help to burn around 600 calories per hour.

As you are working out, the rowing machine also focuses on the upper body (arms, shoulders, upper back), and gives you a full-body workout too. Although it may stress your lower back if you don’t have good working forms, it is still a safe workout machine to burn calories and help to strengthen the muscles.

Since you are standing on an elliptical machine, it is considered a weight-bearing machine. It means core stability and coordination are needed to balance your workout movement without the risk of falling.

The ellipticals are great full-body workouts for burning calories up to 1,000 calories per hour, depending on the intensity level and a person’s body weight.

If your goal is weight loss, all these machines are ideal for burning calories. Again, how many calories to burn depends on the intensity of the training, your weight, and your fitness strength.

For example, a 30-minute pedaling is a good start plus a combined diet consisting of calories of more than 1,100 per day, or as recommended by your dietician.

If you want toner arms, the pulling and rowing workout on the arms does a good job on the biceps and triceps. Developing these two major muscle groups will lead to greater tone, muscle size, shape, and overall strength.

The rowing workout is working faster to tone your body. However, it does require some time and consistency to reap the results.

Which Is The Best – Exercise Bike, Elliptical, or A Treadmill?

Now, how about with a treadmill and compared to an indoor bike and an elliptical machine?

Again, this is all about what is that you want with your fitness journey, how you eat, what you eat, and why are you eating this.

To me, an elliptical is a very good low-impact workout machine if a person is recovering from bad knees, joints, or ankle injury, or maybe preferred a workout that is easier and less stressful on the joints. However, an elliptical doesn’t give you that good heartbeat up.

If burning calories is your target, depending on the distance, go for running (instead of walking) on a treadmill as it burns calories fast. However, studies have shown running won’t affect much the number of calories burned as walking.

Working out on an elliptical machine is a better idea if a person is recovering from an injury although burning the calories will be slower. But, the good thing is both your feet are locked on the pedals and much safer than on a treadmill.

For strength build, go for the exercise bike or an elliptical than the treadmill. The bike is focused on lower body strength and burns more calories than an elliptical, provided it uses a higher intensity level. On the other hand, working out on an elliptical strengthens both the upper and lower body muscle groups.

To be honest, with the debates discussed above, nailing down your diet plan first is very important than working out. Your mentality needs to accept the food you are going to eat or you may not get the desired result you want.

A proper diet comes first then think about how to work out!


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 Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight? An Elliptical, Rower, or Exercise Bike?

In my own opinion, there is no best or this one is better than the other.

All of them work well and are effective for any workout. They give you any workout to work on your heart rate (the heart is the most important muscle in a workout) at any level that you want.

One of the factors is your fitness goal. What do you want to achieve with your body? Weight loss, to get a toned leaner body, for a more muscular physique body? Or, are you in the rehab stage or recovering from an injury?

The prevention and injury risk factors are crucial points too. Each piece of equipment has its risk of you getting injured if you don’t know how to work on them properly. Although the three of them are considered low-impact workouts, the potential for injury is there.

Knowing which part of the problem areas of your body when operating on them is important. For example, if you have recently recovered from a joint knee injury, you may want to go for a rowing machine workout as it is not giving so much stress to the joints.

A matter of own preference too. Which one of these you most likely have fun, easy to use, engaging, and meet your certain needs. How often do you use it in a week? The best way is to try all of them and decide from there.

The space of your home will determine which one fits in best if you are planning to work out more seriously at home. For example, a rower can be the best fit if the space is limited because it is a more versatile machine and a space-saving tool.

Your current fitness levels. Do you have experience in fitness training before or just a starter here? How is your current cardiovascular (the ability of the heart and lung to supply oxygen) endurance? Are the muscles’ endurance and strength fit enough to perform an activity without fatigue?

You can find out and see how far your fitness level stands by simply doing some aerobic fitness tests. Try pushups (upper body test), head-turning (checking neck flexibility), walking or running (cardio test), or plank (core stability test).

Lastly, the diet plan you are having now. A good combination of a balanced healthy diet consisting of protein, whole grains, fresh vegetables, or, fruits is crucial for a maximum weight loss result (if this is your goal).

Although you are working out hard, every day, if you are having the wrong diet, it doesn’t help much to achieve a positive result. Also, avoid having too much-processed food, or food high in sugar or fat as this will be a disaster recipe for any diet program. Get help from your dietician or personal trainer for advice.


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An Elliptical Or Treadmill To Get Toned? 

For upper body toning, an answer is an elliptical machine. Why?

The upper body will engage both biceps, triceps, and shoulders as you move the arms with the body including the lower body.

On a treadmill, however, the only upper body which is moving is the two arms swinging which is not toning at all.

Both do help on toning muscles of the lower body such as legs, glutes, and hips but with a treadmill more focus on the hamstrings and quadriceps.

However, according to Mayo Clinic, the elliptical machine also works on the hamstrings and quadriceps as you engaged in the lower part of the leg by pedaling backward.

If you want more effective toning results with a treadmill, the best way is to increase the intensity level of the machine to engage more on the hamstrings, glutes, and quads muscles. Uphill mode is more efficient and faster toning than horizon mode on a treadmill.

On an elliptical machine, you also can increase the intensity setting on the pedals instead. The harder that you are pedaling, the glutes and hamstrings muscles are engaged in the toning process.

How Long To Run On An Elliptical Daily To Lose Weight?

You are in your control as to how to maximize your fitness result.

If you wish to lose weight with an elliptical machine, there are several factors to determine such as body weight, intensity, frequency, and duration of your exercise. More a less the same factors as in working out with other machines.

Intensity. How far or hard do you wish to pedal? Logically, the harder you pedal, the more calories will be burned.

Strength training. Weight training such as pushups, squatting, or lunges combined with an elliptical exercise will speed up the weight loss journey.

Interval training such as HIIT TrainingAccording to the American Council on Exercise, a steady or moderate-intensity exercise tends to burn calories much slower compared to intense or vigorous exercise (with a period of recovery or rest).

Diet plan. A combination of proper diet and exercise is an effective way to burn calories. To lose weight, you need to shed off more calories than you consume per day. In terms of smart choices of food, males, suggested aiming for 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day, while females are 1,200 to 1,500 calories intakes.

Firstly, calculate the daily calorie intake you need, then you can make a weight loss workout plan based on this. Consult with your dietician or personal trainer about this.


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My Overall Verdicts: Which Ways To Quickly Lose Weight? Elliptical, Rower, or, Exercise Bike?

I honestly think there are no real answers here as to which of these pieces of equipment is the best fit for your workout.

They work extremely well and it is not the workout machine here, it’s about you!

How are you going to work out, how hard you are pushing yourself, and how strict are you in following your diet plan throughout the journey?

All these will surely give you the best result you wanted if you put enough effort into them.

If you have consistency and determination, this will motivate you to do your best. That’s all.

Regardless of which one above best fits you, other workout forms such as resistance, aerobic, and strength training are also great for their reasons. The best is to try it all by yourself and find out which one you can combine for your regular workout routine plus a good diet plan.

In the end, it is your responsibility towards your fitness success whether to make it happen or not!

If you have any comments, leave them below and I will speed back within 24 hours.

Have a wonderful home workout!


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