What Are The Best Yoga Workout At Home?


what are the best yoga workout for beginners

(This blog was first published on Jul 10, 2021, and last updated on Oct 26, 2022)

I hope that everyone is feeling good and more energetic while exercising at home.

Take it easy and enjoy the rhythms of exercising for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Have you ever thought of learning Yoga at home, especially during this post-pandemic time? It is a wonderful idea and a good one to start.

What is the best Yoga workout at home for beginners?

Keep on reading.

History Of Yoga

I am very sure that everyone heard of Yoga.

But do we really dig deeper as to where it originated from and its history? It is good to know the brief history of this powerful form of exercise.

The word ‘Yoga’ originated from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘ Yuj’ which translated as Universal consciousness. Its origin can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago in Northern India.

It was first mentioned in Rig Veda (a set of four ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit), a collection of texts which consisted of mantras, rituals, and ancient songs which are mainly used by the Brahmans (ancient Hindu Priests).

Even though Yoga is not a religion in itself, however, it is well-connected to religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Do you know who is the Father of Modern Yoga? His name starts with a capital ‘P’, the answer will be reviewed toward the end of this article.

Ok, that’s the very brief history of Yoga, so now we’ll dig into some more interesting stuff about Yoga workouts at home.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Learning Yoga? How Effective Is Yoga Workout For Our Body?

All I know is that Yoga revitalizes your body and helps in the better (#Ad)digestion of food.

However, according to Harvard Health, there are more than just these two reasons.

1. Overall Fitness – Yoga is well-known for its ability to soothe tension and anxiety in the mind and body. It has an impact on a person’s exercise capacity.

Results have shown that those who had never practiced yoga workouts before, after 50 days of practicing yoga at least twice a week and 60 – 90 minutes each session, tend to have better muscle strength, boost endurance, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

2. Weight Control – Ladies absolutely love this! The study has shown that those who practice yoga for at least 30 minutes a week for 3 years and above will most likely gain less weight during their mid-adulthood.

Also, a yoga workout will give you lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared to those who did not practice yoga. This is attributed to the term ‘Mindful Eating’ that eventually leads to more positive habits regarding food and eating.

3. Mindful Eating – Yoga exercises help you to become more aware of how your body feels (mindfulness). This type of awareness can be carried over during your mealtime such as how much you want to eat, or just a bite, and how the food will taste or smell in your mouth.

4. Better Body Image  Yoga helps to develop your inner awareness.

In other words, it allows greater attention to your body’s ability at the present moment by developing a sense of the strength of the body and mind. This has nothing to do with physical appearance.

You can focus more on your inward rather than your outlook pose or surroundings. Studies have shown that if you practice more yoga exercises, you are more aware of your body than those who didn’t. You’ll be more satisfied and less sensitive to your body.

5. Heart Benefits – Yoga workout helps (#Ad)lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, all of which are vital for your heart and blood vessels. Do you know that yoga is now being included in many cardio rehabilitation programs due to its cardio and stress-relieving benefits?

How convincing is that for you now, knowing that yoga workouts are contributing lots of benefits for your body?

How To Start Learning Yoga Workout At Home?

You don’t need much to begin your first home yoga workout.

Firstly, start with acceptance – Take a moment to appreciate your body, your life, and your circumstances, right now.

You may try to release some expectations while starting your first practice. It means getting the right mindset and then the practice will bloom beautifully, safely, and naturally.

Understand the Core of Yoga – a process and a lifestyle, about breathing, finding inner strength through meditation, and also creating freedom in the body with some basic yoga poses.

Just so you know, yoga is NOT an extreme exercise torturing your muscles into fancy shapes!

Try also to notice your breathing – The connection between awareness and breath is one of the most beneficial aspects for beginners to master this. Learning the awareness of breath through breathing exercises in a relaxing yoga pose.

Sit still and comfortably – Yes, it is very challenging at first. Instead of instantly giving way, why not try to observe the urge or temptation for distraction?

What do you plan to eat as a Vegan, before and after a workout?

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Next, to learn the basic yoga poses – There is no rush to jump straight into more complex poses (like as bendy as you can). Instead, start with simpler postures such as child’s pose, easy pose, and savasana (corpse pose).

You will also need a quiet, clean, sacred, and open space somewhere in your home.  It doesn’t need to be a large space so as long it is a comfortable space for practice.

Get some basics essential for yoga such as a yoga mat, strap, soft blocks, blanket, or even a bolster.

Then, you need to start with some realistic goals, say start with a small pocket of time like 15 minutes. Start with basic beginner yoga sequences and then build up slowly as you expand your practice.

I do recommend that you learn yoga postures safely and effectively, from an experienced yoga instructor before you decide to make it a complete routine at home.

As you begin to master the art of yoga, then you may get some online yoga videos on Youtube or even DVDs too, just to get more ideas on home yoga workouts.


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What Are The Best Yoga Workout At Home?

Now that you are slowly progressing on the mat, the below infographic show 13 great yoga poses that can be easily done at home.

The Best Yoga Workout At Home

The Best Yoga Workout At Home

Obviously, just by looking at these poses, you might have no ideas what are all these poses are going to look like, right?

Well, I suggest that you just type each pose on Youtube and you’ll these video tutorials easily, or simply check out this video tutorial from Sarah Beth.

When I first started, I usually went for simpler poses such as Easy, Hero, Corpse, and Garland poses, and of course the Conqueror Breath.

Then, I slowly move to more challenging poses as I progress forward. That’s how you should do, remember NEVER RUSH.


Still not convinced with the above Yoga poses?

Perhaps YogaBurn can help you to kick start?

My Overall Thoughts: What Are The Best Yoga Workout At Home

Personally, I think a Yoga workout is more like stretching and strengthening your body and calming the mind. Make it part of your fitness routine once you are getting used to this form of workout.

Don’t worry, practice makes progress. As a beginner is to start, and then be consistent throughout your practice.

Need to stay motivated and practice yoga regularly?

Well, try to make it part of your exercise routine, for example, today I’m gonna do normal exercise, tomorrow or the day after, I’ll be doing yoga practice. Besides, how wonderful if you can have a member of your family or friend join in the session together, agreed?

Yoga workouts can be your home retreat from your daily chaotic busy lifestyle. This home exercise is simply giving benefits beyond the mat. I think it is entirely up to your best judgment after having valuable insight from this article.

Well, just keep an open mind and perhaps start a couple of yoga poses that fit into your daily workout routines.  You will be surprised that in long run, to know how amazing this workout is going to be beneficial to your body, mind & health.

Pilates exercise at home?

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For beginners, just be sure that you are doing the yoga poses correctly and safely, and it is also important to take this into consideration – get a guided lesson or two under the supervision of a yoga instructor. Until the confidence and progress are there, you may then do it all by yourself at home.

Also, I may not provide any medical advice, analysis, or treatment, so it is best to consult your doctor before you decide to take a jump into it.

Do leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to interact back within 24 hours.

Oh, by the way, the answer is ‘Patanjali’ – the Father of Modern Yoga.

Have a Safe Home Workout!


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