30-minute At Home Workouts With No Equipment

(This blog was first published on Jan 5, 2022, and last updated on Sep 17, 2022) Yes, in this article, I’m discussing High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT emphasizes short and intense activities to the maximum, followed by a low-intensity workout with a short recovery period – all in under 30 minutes. Science does prove HIIT workouts … Read more

Full-Body Plyometric Exercises For Beginners

Plyometrics are considered powerful explosive exercises. They are tailored in such a way (when done correctly) to increase your strength, endurance, and speed. Very dynamic movements and train your muscles to work to the maximum forces in very short bursts. Not only performed by professional trainers or athletes but also for individuals looking to improve their … Read more

What Are The Best No-Equipment Exercises For Seniors At Home?

Can seniors (generally referred to as individuals aged over 60 years or above) do regular exercises? People are often asking this question all the time. Whether their senior parents or they themselves as seniors, I believed they CAN like the younger ones. They need some sort of motivation and encouragement to get them started, with … Read more