Is Exercise Bike Or Treadmill Better To Lose Weight?

Is Exercise Bike Or Treadmill Better To Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered about this matter?

An exercise bike or a treadmill to burn fat at home?

If you have already nailed down your fitness goals but can’t decide which one, find out more if an exercise bike or treadmill is better to lose weight.

An Overview Of Exercise Bike And Treadmill

How you wish to have both of them at your home!

If you can have both, that’s great.

Or, if you are on a constrained budget, then decide between these two buddies, an exercise bike or treadmill.

Both of them have their unique ways of helping you to lose weight.

This goes to how you want to achieve your fitness goals here.

Ask yourself,

Do you want to work more on the lower or upper body? Or do you want to achieve an overall healthy weight?

How much time are you willing to give throughout the weeks and months?

These are some aspects that you may want to consider first.

Let’s find out their similarities and differences in terms of working out.

What Are Their Similarities And Differences?

They are good cardio workout machines to lose weight. But, a treadmill tends to burn more calories through its variety of speed and incline setting for challenging your intensity workout.

With the same intensity, peddling the cycle with multiple resistance levels doesn’t burn that many calories, as they are more focusing on the strengthening benefits.

A treadmill has relatively high injury risks especially on the ligaments when running or jogging, as it gives harsh working out on the knees and ankles. A low-impact workout like an exercise bike will give you a much lower risk of injury as you are sitting in a comfortable position.

In terms of body workout, when peddling the bike, you are mostly working out more on your lower body than your upper body. With the same intensity, fast walking or running on a treadmill gives you a full workout of your entire body.

One obvious similarity is these two pieces of cardio equipment are just something that everyone can control in a safe workout environment at home. You just need to find a good spot to place them comfortably and safely.

Just so you know, they are also excellent choices for the HIIT (High-intensity interval training ) interval training to maximize your workout plan. This training method is used by adjusting your intensity level based on your speed and resistance.

Note, please do consult with your personal trainer for advice before starting.


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Exercise Bike Or Treadmill – Which Is Better For Lose Weight?

Which one of these will suit you best?

Do consider these factors between treadmill and exercise bike in determining the losing weight journey.

1. Calories burning.

Simply put, you need to shed off more calories (caloric deficit position) than you consume to lose weight. When you are running or jogging with a higher incline level on a treadmill, you tend to burn up to 600 calories in an hour than on a bike (about 500 calories) even at an intense speed rate.

This is probably due to the running position, you are working on your whole body while sitting on a bike, and you have less movement or less working out on your upper body.

2. Intensity levels.

If you are simply the kind of person who preferred low-intensity and low-impact workouts, then take the exercise bike to lose weight.

The treadmill is good for younger and fitter groups, and also those who can handle high-intensity workout challenges.

3. Variation of workouts.

A constant variation in a workout is important for continuous progression. You need to adjust varieties of workouts regularly towards achieving your fitness goals.

Both treadmill and exercise bikes are good examples of how you can adjust the speed, incline or resistance levels to challenge your intensity levels for good results.

But, as mentioned earlier, both have their own differences in terms of working out on the particular part of a body.

4. Mobility.

If you have no injury or mobility issues or need a more intense workout to lose weight faster, a treadmill workout is a choice. It is more dynamic and required more energy during the training to be effective.

Meanwhile, if you have limited lower limb mobility, a non-weight-bearing and minimal impact workout is a good option here, by sitting comfortably on an exercise bike while burning some fat.


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Quick Tips For Lose Weight With Treadmill Or Exercise Bike

1. If you are into treadmill workouts but not a great fan of running, you can do fast walking on a high incline setting. It is effective even for a 30 minutes session.

2. You can do a multi-task workout while peddling on the cycle. Just do arm or light weights exercise to engage your upper body muscles.

3. Try to find your ‘fat-burning heart rate zone’, where you need to calculate the maximum number of times your heartbeat during the one minute of the workout. This step can help you with optimal weight loss. Get assistance from your personal trainer on this guideline.

4. With a treadmill workout, add to the Hill or Terrain level for extra resistance as this will activate more muscles to burn more calories than fat.

Can A Treadmill Workout Help You To Lose Belly Fat? 

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My Final Thoughts: Is Exercise Bike Or Treadmill Better To Lose Weight?

If you ask me, which one to choose?

My answer will be subjective as it depends on your fitness levels, lifestyle, and overall fitness goals.

Both are indeed excellent types of aerobic exercise that can help in your lose weight journey.

It is important to choose a suitable machine right for your workout session.

Pedaling for a longer time with an exercise bike can also lose weight easily as running on a treadmill!

Again, if you have no issue with mobility and have that extra energy, then go for the treadmill.

Regardless of what type of home workout machines, having a healthy and balanced diet at the same time will ensure a maximum gain in reaching your fitness goal – losing weight!

Do leave me some comments if you have and I will interact back within 24 hours.

Have a fantastic exercise at home.


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